Is the United States should be the Air Force of the Shiites in Iraq

Twilight News / he called Senator John McCain, and a book of columns in the Star newspaper Akspununt, to the Americans that their eyes are on the ground in terms of intensive bombing of areas of the Sunni tribes in Iraq, which aims to counter the Daash.

Said one wag on the subject: If the hammer is the only tool you have, every problem will look like a nail. We wonder if the American public really ready to put American forces between two factions of Iraqi politicians and sectarian communities?

Beginning of the conflict revolved around which of them will impose its control on the Iraqi government, which began its work with the US occupation in 2003, when the ouster of Saddam's government.

The first step was to change done by the Bush administration system is the transition of power is the number one judge cleared the senior members of the Baath Party from government jobs and depriving them of pensions. It was the most affected by this procedure Sunni officers, when the reins of government turned to the Iraqi government dominated by Shiites led by President al-Maliki, has accelerated the pace of de-Baathification programs and discrimination against Sunnis, it has been the insurgency began a low level, which was attracting US forces factor.

Al-Qaeda appeared in the Iraqi political scene in 2006 and promised to protect the Sunni tribes, joined this organization Sunni tribal militias and remnants of the former regime who have suffered from discrimination. By 2007, the security situation was so bad, and it was the Iraqi army is not qualified, which made the United States more than from many of its troops to gain time, and was among the tools used by General Petraeus to reduce the threat of al-Qaeda, raising militias and tribal sympathy with complaints,

The emergence of al Daash today in Iraq is only a repetition of history.

General Petraeus said that "the direct cause of the collapse of Iraq lies in increasing authoritarian, sectarian and corrupt behavior what was done the Iraqi government and its president, after the departure of the last American combat units in the year 2011."

At that time the United States Gest Baghdad strongly on the abolition of the de-Baathification program and the signing of the Status of Forces Agreement in order to be able to US forces to stay and help show, but the Iraqi government under President al-Maliki did nothing in this regard. Moreover, in December 2011, al-Maliki issued an arrest warrant against Sunni Vice President, who fled into exile and then pulled Sunni parties in parliament.

The organization exists Daash now in the main Sunni tribal areas in Iraq, the Iraqi army is led by Shiite officers are corrupt and not Iqatlo military equipment left in the field. Anyway, it stationed about 80 percent of the Iraqi army in Baghdad, not in the field, although they Daash of fighting Shiite militias, some of which is under the command of Iranian officers and enrolled by Iranian units.

The rush of the Shiite militia to Sunni villages can not be a recipe for reconciliation, and as General Petraeus recently said that the first requirement for efforts to combat Daash should be through the use of capable Sunni forces, and able to move within the Sunni-dominated areas and seen its fighters as liberators, not tyrants . Petraeus and said that the most important in Iraq long-term threat is that posed by Iranian-backed Shiite militias, as the Shiites of Iran and the Shiites of Iraq are now allied, coalition who wanted to give him some US air support full.

The analysts in the United States, and the example of this columnist in this newspaper, which called to be the United States of eyes on the ground to guide the bombing campaigns, absent the fact that those eyes at the present time will lead only to help Shiite militias, run by Iranian officers, in rush to the heart of the Sunni areas, and that the bomb all the resistance fighters in the tribal areas of Sunni will not be separated for Daash factor for the year. The focus on the Daash agreement in Syria and Iraq will buy time for Iraq to reconcile between local factions.

The US bombing campaign which will help overcome the Shiite militias in the Sunni resistance will enable the Alliance Iranian Alaraca-, and strengthens the hand of Iran in the region. Those who do not support the increase of Iranian influence should not claim to loan US Air Force to the objectives of the policy of Tehran or Baghdad.
Dave Rother / Daily Star newspaper Brockers- Akspununt