Change talking about "excesses" of the Government Abadi: we fear the existence of an agreement with the judiciary

Twilight News / warned the head of the parliamentary change Hoshyar Abdullah to overcome the powers of the executive branch to the legislative branch and the return of their impact on the judiciary in a repeat of the scenario of the previous government.

He said in an interview responded to Twilight News, that there is a violation and clear on the powers of the legislative power by the executive branch, according to the principle of separation between the three powers may not be that the Iraqi Council of Ministers is a place to make decisions and recommendations binding and enforceable for the rest of the authorities, in the normal position must be Council Iraqi parliament is the source of resolutions and recommendations on the legislation and the executive that the implementation. "

He added, "What we see today sustained by the executive branch attempts to act as the legislative power, and this is a breach of the Constitution and exceeded rejected the powers of the rest of the authorities, while it should be the relationship between the three branches of complementary and each point in turn and exercise its powers without infringing on the role of other authorities."

"As the executive power returned alas benefit from the judiciary and the Federal Court, which are used as a negative policy toward many of the important issues and to the legislative power as well, and we fear that there is an agreement between them and the executive branch against the legislative power, and that means repeating the same scenario that happened in the government Previous ".