Lifting sanctions on Iran supports trade in the region

7/28/2015 0:00

Consultant calls to benefit from the results

BAGHDAD joy pumice
open nuclear agreement between Iran and the six major powers signs of new investment and enhance trade exchanges with the countries of the world, especially countries in the region, as it has become Iraq looks to benefit from this experience in attracting quality investments needed by the country, and to increase trade with the neighboring country.

In this regard, the advisory says in the Industrial Development and Investment Amer Jeweler "morning": that "will provide the improvement of people's living conditions and promote the will of the construction and change through the provision of essential services to the living, similar to the state neighboring Iran, it will be reflected on the execution of the real and projects in service economy, especially that Iraq does not need large sums of money to provide these ingredients. "

He Jeweler importance of developing departments appropriate economic and productive sectors in the country, taking into consideration the developments in the world developments, where the first steps required to improve the productivity of workers and enterprises and the possibility achieved through measures taken by Government without the need for money, to contribute to providing a favorable environment for investments.

He also called for taking strategies, plans and initiatives approved by the government into account and make it national goal to be achieved through the formation of national teams serious comprising representatives from government, private sector and civil society organizations to monitor and evaluate the progress of work in this decisions and initiatives taken by the authorities concerned to ensure proper implementation, flour and achieve the desired goals which, viewing it as a matter of substance concerning the will and professional.

He Jeweler that the lifting of economic sanctions on Iran will facilitate the trade exchange between Iraq and Iran operation and ease of financial transactions, especially after the lifting of restrictions on the work of Iranian banks , calling on all professionals to follow up on economic agreements to be held by Iran and what are the actions that will be implemented to feed them at the level of Iraq.

As for the steps taken by the government to launch a campaign to simplify the procedures for the provision of an enabling environment for the establishment of the business, which Vnoh Jeweler that it needs to be implemented in the right way a prelude to the subsequent steps, especially given that the country is suffering from economic collapse and spiritual productivity Mthrip, to run experiments similar to the countries of the world.