Unemployment staff wasted billions of dollars in Iraq 7/27
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Thread: Unemployment staff wasted billions of dollars in Iraq 7/27

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    Unemployment staff wasted billions of dollars in Iraq 7/27

    Unemployment staff wasted billions of dollars in Iraq

    Alaa Yousif-Baghdad - Suffers Iraq years ago from inflation the number of government employees who spend their wages to repay the state $ 42.5 billion annually, while international reports indicate that Iraqi employee works only ten minutes out of eight hours.

    And lose the country -alta suffer difficulties Malah- billions of dollars each year due to the significant increase in the number of employees, and specialists attribute this increase to the weak economic state policies in regards to the development of the private sector and the promotion of industry and agriculture sectors.

    He says the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi prime minister for economic affairs adviser, said "the philosophy of the state after 2003 adopted the distribution of oil revenues on the staff, where each employee Yael five members in order to create well-being, but this philosophy in the long run harm the country significantly."

    Saleh: government employment in abundance policy would hurt the country in the long run (the island)

    A new strategy
    He adds Saleh in a statement to the island revealed that the new strategy adopted by the current government is to develop the private sector and facilitate the entry of companies into the market, and included all its employees retirement fund and legislation laws cared for, and to give affordable loans, industrial, service and commercial and agricultural businesses. He also points out that "the activation of this strategy, which extends to 2030, and the agreement will ease the pressure on the public sector, and contributes to the development of other sectors.

    He says a spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said that "the Iraqi state strategy in previous years was to reduce the high level of unemployment, with all the budget included in previous budgets, more than a hundred thousand jobs in the work of government departments."

    He pointed out that the current number of more than six million employees, including civil servants and security personnel and retirees.

    Reverse migration
    Hindawi confirms that the country's budget in the past years, they include operating ratios of 70%, goes mostly to pay employees' salaries, which is "the heaviest of the state a lot and negative impact on the investment side," and pointed out that "in the context of the last five-year plan we gave large space to the private sector In order to do reverse migration to the staff of the state of the public sector to the private sector. "

    The spokesman explains that the reasons for the demand for a government job is the improved salaries, while there are no guarantees the employees in the functional stability of the private sector, as it is easy to be expelled from work.
    In the opinion of the Iraqi economic peace Zidane Iraqi officials that they adopted the non-successful strategies in the management of the country's economy, as the number of staff has increased very scary, it's moved from 850 thousand employees before the US occupation in 2003 to more than four million currently.

    Zidane: poor management of the economy of Iraq has led to inflation, the number of state employees (the island)

    Zidane and adds in a statement to the island revealed that the number of employees currently stands at approximately 4.5 million in civil circles, earning more than 51 trillion dinars (42.5 billion dollars), while the duration of the exercise of the work of ten minutes per day

    Iraqi economic and due to increase the number of employees to "electoral propaganda for political parties ruling since 2003", in addition to that some parties took control of the Ministry of Finance when it was managed by proxy and the appointment randomly, and indicates that the majority of employees in government departments to have "more of an alternative and simpler things ", as the department needs to find where four staff of ten.

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