Hawks cell confirm the killing of 40 militants in the existing Daash 7/27
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Thread: Hawks cell confirm the killing of 40 militants in the existing Daash 7/27

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    Hawks cell confirm the killing of 40 militants in the existing Daash 7/27

    Hawks cell confirm the killing of 40 militants in the existing Daash

    Roudao - Erbil - Hawks intelligence of the Interior Ministry confirmed the cell killed more than 40 component of the organization of Khorasan and the destruction of the entire plant for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and rocket based in the district of western Anbar province.

    A statement of the cell seen by Roudao network media, that "after the work of intelligence in the follow-up to the leaders of terrorist organizations sites and in coordination with the Iraqi air force on 23.22 / 7/2015 curling four strong and painful blows to the headquarters of the organization of Khorasan in the Qaim area, killing More than 40 terrorists and injuring many of them. "

    The statement continued, "have we targeted in the strikes a laboratory for the manufacture of bottles and missiles which led to completely destroyed and the occurrence of multiple explosions in it, as was the destruction of their headquarters located in Tanak neighborhood is called at the headquarters of a battalion of Tabuk, in Alsnczyk area was targeted the headquarters of the Arab fighters and foreigners near the Syrian border, while It targeted fourth strike, while looking into the gathering their dead and destroyed their headquarters in, Vshaknahm after that prepared Anthariehm their belts and explosives to spread death against innocent people Karim, where folk our strikes outstanding Vfjrnahm Bohzmthm powerful explosive. "

    The statement also said that "the most important people killed in the strikes were:

    1. Salah Mohammed Hussein milkfish alias Abou Skr bombers official added.
    2. Mahmoud Atallah Jelbas Ahardani nicknamed Abu Azzam carrier bombers.
    3. Abu Islam Karbouli explosives processing administrator.
    4. Abu Bakr detachment Russian bombers official.
    5. Immortalized Ammash military official in Albu Kamal area.
    6. Abu Abdul Rahman described the Russian Bzbah Daash.
    7. Abu Azzam Jazrawi a Saudi national based in the official added.
    8. Abdul Rahman Chechen nationality nicknamed Bhibl succession appears in several films conducted by the slaughter of some of the hostages.
    9. Abu Bakr, the so-called Iraqi Deputy Emir calculation based on justice. "

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