Control government and private generators performance and punish violators 7/27/2015
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Thread: Control government and private generators performance and punish violators 7/27/2015

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    Control government and private generators performance and punish violators 7/27/2015

    Control government and private generators performance and punish violators

    BAGHDAD - Wafaa Amer -Baghdad Provincial Council formed a committee to follow up the work of government and private generators and punish violators of Mtahdaha.aota this at a time when citizens of the continued power cuts for long hours complained under unprecedented rise of temperature in all provinces of the country.

    Vice Chairman of the Energy Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Ghaleb Zamili between "morning" that his committee and after that I noticed that the government and private generators operating in Baghdad owners, determine randomly Amperes prices and imposing high prices thereby bypassing the instructions of local Baghdad government, which set the price of amps nine thousand dinars for the line normal, and the price of the Golden Line 20 thousand, but the normal font rate exceeded 15 thousand, 30 thousand of gold in some areas.

    He went on that the council decided to form a committee made up of committees energy, administrative and legal, which will bear the follow-up performance of the owners of generators and consider citizens' complaints with the municipal and local councils and submitted to this committee are still tougher sanctions against them between the imprisonment of million dinars and a fine, as well as cut the share of kerosene then pull generated from it and give it to another contractor.

    Zamili He noted that most of the owners of generators justify non-commitment pricing Council not to hand them over to the quotas allocated to them by the Ministry of Oil kerosene, however, that the council and through his field trips and higher coordinated with the Ministry of Oil said that 90 percent of the owners of generators receive kerosene rations, but they are acting out of by selling them at commercial rates or stored for trading them when scarcity.

    For his part, The Chairman of the Committee on Energy Council Saad al-Sader Darraji "morning" that the share of Baghdad from the national electrical power of 2500 MW divided between Karkh and Rusafa, while the share of Rusafa divided into east of the canal and west that need all of them to more than 650 MW , and therefore, there is an urgent need to increase the allocation to the capital Baghdad energy to cover all areas of Karkh and Rusafa rather than relying on lines pull Moldat.uaza reasons for the deterioration of power in the capital, to the large number of abuses on the electrical grid by residents of squatter areas not covered by the services, In addition to exposure to power plants as a result of high pressure high temperature, combined with poor rationalization of energy consumption by the citizen, as well as non most efficient power plants their part, the citizens expressed in different areas of the capital Baghdad in the conversations they had made the "morning" , complained of constant interruptions and long hours of power cuts with a lack of processing and slumping. Citizen (bloom Jabbar) of the inhabitants of the flame area said that since the high temperatures in the holy month of Ramadan, told them the owner of the generator to increase the price of amps from 12 to 15 000 dinars because of the urgent need to buy kerosene commercially, although it did not touch any improvement in providing them with energy.

    The citizen (Imad Hussein) of the inhabitants of Ur neighborhood, He explained that he and despite his extradition to the amount of 25 000 dinars to the AMP per subscription golden line that was supposed to be equipped with 24-hour electricity, but the operating hours are rarely up to 15 hours, complaining of long hours of outage electricity, which amounted to five hours for just one hour processing.
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