Iraq is seeking to enter the wheat exporters Club

BAGHDAD - morning
The Ministry of Commerce, for receiving the wheat crop by almost three million tonnes, as pointed out that the amounts received in the marketing centers in Baghdad and allocated to the receipt of wheat marketed for Anbar province amounted to 136 087 tonnes. The General Company for Grain Trade Director Fares Saad al-Hamdani, in a statement received «morning» copy of it, that «received quantities of wheat marketed from local peasants and farmers reached 2,000,959 thousand and 652 tons». He said al-Hamdani said «amounts received in Dohuk province amounted to 258 404 thousand tons and Sulaymaniyah 231 589 tons and Arbil, 273 019 tons and Tuz 114 443 and the province of Kirkuk, 158 600 tons», adding that «marketed quantities of liberated areas in Nineveh province has reached in marketing Mhervh Square Center 16 965 thousand tons in the marketing eye center Zala 10644 thousand tons. »
He added that «the amounts received in the marketing centers in Baghdad and allocated to the receipt of wheat marketed for the provinces of Anbar amounted to 136 087 tons», adding that «the amounts received from the Salah al-Din amounted to 9490 tonnes in the silo coronary» .otkdr amounts ration card to be provided annually by four million and 400 thousand tons vocabulary of wheat, where the deficit is covered import crop of upscale international origins through tenders processing common to many well-known companies, and is contracted as needed in terms of quantity and quality.
Earlier, al-Hamdani had been confirmed during the global grain conference in London, he «is expected to be Iraq during the next two years, a member of an importer to source as a member of workshops with professionals in the stock market how to enter the Iraqi wheat class global stock exchange».
It is well known that Iraq in the global grain board member and he occupies a prominent place during this period and prior periods in the axis of Members cereal importing countries of which the members of the 27-member Council of 17 members and 10 members of the importer exporters.
Dr. Sarmad Jawad Abbas has been submitted. Huda Abbas Salman researchers Almokhtassan economic development sector, in a study of two of the reality of the production of wheat in Iraq, recommendations for the advancement of this sector, including the rehabilitation of infrastructure, particularly irrigation and drainage networks, and expand the scope and means of support and increase production, which would raise domestic production rates .
The researchers also stressed the importance of the use of modern mechanization in agriculture in order to improve production quality and ensure fast delivery, and support the agricultural sector through the provision of soft loans to provide wheat production requirements.