Resumption of work in the stalled projects in Babylon

Launch a campaign to build new schools in the province
Hilla - the Plumber ...The local government began in the province of Babylon, driven by the construction companies and contractors who received financial benefits for the resumption of work on projects referred to them as soon as possible. This comes at a time when the General Directorate for Education in the province proposed to launch a campaign in which major companies discreet share to build new schools in order to eliminate the crisis of school buildings.
First Deputy Governor of Babylon and Sam Aslan said the "morning": that the local government distributed amounts received from the Ministry of Finance within the province's budget for the current year between construction companies and contractors to pay the financial entitlements owed by the province.
He pointed out that the local government asked them to return to resume work on projects referred to them as soon as possible and will otherwise subjected to legal accountability. According to Aslan that the amount of 18 billion dinars, which received the province, which accounts for 18 percent of the $ 186 billion dinars budget is not enough to pay off all debts to contractors and construction companies that stops most of them on the implementation of the projects referred to them because of non-payment of financial dues, explaining that the amount currently available would help in moving the wheel implementation of a number of projects which receive their entitlements to their owners while maintaining the rest of the amounts received from the Ministry of Finance.
He added that the lack of funds and government austerity policy significantly affected in the reality of the projects and led to stop a number of strategic projects such as the great streams of Hilla, which is implemented by the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, along with hundreds of regional development projects such as Mjsr Nations.
Also it pointed out that the province filed a request to the Ministry of Planning to approve the exception of the sewer project for austerity instructions and wait for approval of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the demand which was approved by the ministry.
In the meantime, the director of educational planning in the education of the province Imad al-Moussawi said the "morning": that the Directorate has proposed to the Ministry of Education to launch a global campaign and tender in which major companies specialized discreet involved building schools in order to eliminate the crisis of school buildings in the province.
He pointed out that this measure is the best solution to provide school buildings that you need to maintain for the time being, noting that the province of Babylon need is urgent to 450 school buildings to be able to eliminate the case of double shifts, especially that the number of pupils and students is increasing steadily against the inability to increase Number of school buildings at the present time and the lack of able to carry out buildings companies under modern urban standards.