Alambrqa: The government is determined to make the young people for stability and tool construction

Conference stressed that young people} {coexistence seeks for the advancement of those slide ...BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai The prime minister adviser on youth and development, Ali Alambrqa, that the objective behind the establishment of "coexistence Youth" conference to be held by the beginning of next August the government, comes to lift and contain those constructive energies, and the advancement of human resources for youth-sized, as well as seeking to inform that slide and prevent the infiltration of ideas that extremists would like to impose. And seeks the conference, which is expected to witness the participation of UN and wide, to give young people, another chance to take their role in building the society and the nation, according to the tabby, who confirmed the government's efforts, to make that slide, which represents 50 percent of the population, a tool for stability, building and progress.
Said Alambrqa in an interview for the "morning": that the government, on the verge of establishing an extended conference on the third of this August, with the participation of UN, under the heading "coexistence young people to consolidate the security community and peace," noting the government's efforts to contain the youth to coincide with international calls to focus on this slide and giving them a role in building the society and be an instrument of stability. And between Alambrqa "The government is determined to provide an appropriate atmosphere for the removal and containment of energies constructive and human resources for young people and to inform the ideas that the extremists would like to impose on this slide and give them another chance to take their role in building the society and the nation and be a tool for the country's stability." Alambrqa hinted "that the idea of ​​coexistence among young people was launched from the urgent need to change the situation of the Iraq and the region, which has seen international calls stressed the importance of focusing on this segment and keep it away from extremist ideology and improving the social and cultural conditions. He said government adviser, said that one of the recommendations to be discussed at the conference , find job opportunities for youth participation in the construction of economic, security and cultural community, adding that "the prime minister face to prepare a comprehensive strategy to address the problem of unemployment which is one of the most important issues and challenges faced by the community and graduates specifically." He sees Alambrqa, the need for the integration of all elements of the the issue of moving towards building a civil state and peaceful coexistence and acceptance of each other's security and political stability, pointing out that, despite the importance of a military solution in resolving the battle, but the overall victory lies in increasing the intellectual, cultural and social level with Alchaabab.alambrqa said in his speech, that "the idea of ​​the conference It emerged while the government is working hard to find other paths to resolve the Iraq crisis and the region, including the problems of young people, who represent fuel those wars, "stressing the importance of that" given that slide with interest the government, international organizations and the international community. "
He also stressed Adviser to the Prime Minister, said that "address the issue of unemployment will contribute to the acceleration of the wheel construction and reconstruction in the country and to achieve stability and security, community and peace, as well as provide opportunities for a decent living and cut the road to the leaders of terrorist ideology and working to recruit boys and young men because of poverty or destitution and exploitation conditions pension difficult and involve them in the implementation of criminal operations, according to the investigations revealed a number of those involved with terrorist acts. " And between Alambrqa, the government and the parliament in front of the responsibility and challenge great, relating how to provide employment opportunities for this segment, and the exploitation of young energies and integrate them into society and provide an atmosphere favorable climates her, as well as work to isolate those slide for the extreme and overwhelming thought, which points that Congress will put real perceptions to be addressed in cooperation with some international organizations that have experiences in dealing with crises of young people in countries fought wars. "And Counsel, said," Statistics conducted by the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the UN and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development Fund indicate that the proportion of young people from demographic terms of form up to 50 percent of the current population, "said Alambrqa also: We have a productive society, considering that reconstruction rate ranging from 15-65 years up to a high rate, a so-called idiomatically as" demographic gift "which puts us in front of big challenges is how to find a strategy for the management of human effort and exploit that Almanm.kma supplier explained that the "paper recommendations of the conference is supposed to answer on the part of those challenges," stressing that the paper will be presented to later prime minister, and if the Cabinet approval, it could be a road map placed to work my youth a clear and sustainable ".ofatt that" the conference will be held in cooperation with the United Nations, where he will representative of Secretary-General and Mission UNAMI in Iraq, the word, in addition to the participation of the Organization "NDI" US, which has set up a workshop with a group of young people of Iraq.