Adeeb's / scales News /: reconciliation with the Baath Party "red line" we will not allow to cross

27/07/2015 20:26 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News
Acknowledge president of a coalition of state law, Ali al-Adeeb, Monday, the existence of "understanding" sinner for some political forces of the existence of national reconciliation were under way with the defunct Baath Party, acknowledging that the reconciliation with the Baath "red line" will not allow political forces Ptjasoh.

Adeeb said L / scales News / that "national reconciliation is needed at the present time between Iraqi factions and blocs represented it to realize, however, that reconciliation will not take place with the defunct Baath Party, and this must be understood by some politicians and MPs," stressing that "reconciliation with the defunct Baath Party "red line" will not allow to cross. "

He said president of a coalition of state law that "is supposed to work is an act of community peace and the implementation of its provisions during the current period," pointing out that "reconciliation with the Baath Party means their return to power and this will not allow it at all."

This "stressed the President Fuad Masum, that national reconciliation one of the important pillars for the consolidation of civil peace."

The "House Speaker adviser for national reconciliation and unity Jumaili, that national reconciliation interfaces between the political parties line initiate reconciliation between Iraq and neighboring countries" .anthy / 29 / d 24