Bank: credit card handling is necessary and civilized


Baghdad (news) called on the Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, to spread the credit cards work in Iraq for easy handling in all Iraqi banks. Hassoun said in a statement to the reporter (Agency news ) on Sunday: The process of using credit cards "Alvezacard, Mastercard" is very necessary at the present time they dispense with the use of cash block moving day in the deal. He pointed out that the initiative to Trade Bank of Iraq to distribute credit cards to customers with good and civilized, and must be circulated to all Iraqi banks. He said: The Iraqi banks, especially on the verge of a promotion of the cards they have started to work according to the banking systems of the world advanced in the process of service delivery. He explained: The services credit card will make the dealers in the local market, obviating the use of cash block because it has become a phenomenon tiring and expensive. He said Hassoun:

The people who have a current account in Iraqi banks can get this card, similar to smart cards used in the receipt of pensions, but Oouchaa any that the holder could be dealing with restaurants, hotels, markets and others. The Trade Bank of Iraq announced the launch of credit cards for people dealing with them for ease of handling and the elimination of dealing in the money supply in local markets.