Iraqi ports signed with the Rolls-Royce company with 8 billion contract to supply spare parts

It signed the General Company of Iraqi Ports, on Monday, a joint contract with the British company Rolls-Royce, for the processing of Iraqi ports large quantities of spare parts for ships and Catchers worth $ 898 million at the expense of the Japanese loan. He said the loan manager Captain Hussein Mohammed Abdullah in a statement to Radio tow the Japanese loan body has surplus funds from the first loan, where he signed two former for the processing of Iraqi ports backup material, and this is the third contract will be concluded two decades two more during the next few months, indicating that this contract was signed with Rolls-Royce to equip ports backup materials. For his part, director of media and public relations at the General Company for Iraqi Ports Anmar net that the funds allocated to this contract and former two decades is the currency change between the Chinese Yen and the US dollar teams funds where the General Company for Ports of those funds invested to purchase spare parts for drawers and develop the work of the sidewalks.
Safi said in a statement to Radio tow that Japan granted two loans Iraqi ports, the first was worth $ 254 million and spent the entire second worth $ 325 million. Safi added that the Iraqi ports and signed various contracts with major international companies specialized in the field of ports work as a cutter PLR and Rolls-Royce and other international companies, he said.

For his part, head of the Basra Governorate Council Albzona morning that the work of the Iraqi ports is going the right way, but there are some ports as a port of Abu Flus suffers from a lack of good services worthy of the work of the Iraqi ports.

He pointed Albzona in a statement to Radio tow the loans Tsthsalha port management from other countries must be useful divided on all the needs of ports, development and rebuilding roads leading to them reconstruction and rehabilitation of sidewalks and other lines of business, which would improve the work of the ports fully.

Indicating that the Basra Governorate Council has no power to review or audit of those contracts because they expect according to the terms of reference of freedom far from the Council's work.

Stressing that the provincial council in Basra score big weak spot on the work of the Ministry of Transport and the Iraqi ports Ptoka in the implementation of the port of Faw with the presence of substantial progress by the Kuwaiti side to build the port of Mubarak.

And it includes the province of Basra and the port of Abu Flus port of Umm Grand Palace and the port stronghold and the port of Khor al-Zubayr and Faw port, which is not completed after its inception.