Barzani Gives Personal View on Turkish Attacks on PKK
Barzani says he’s saddened by the recent violence, which he cannot condone

Basnews views 27.07.2015 12:32

ERBIL – The Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani has released a statement regarding recent Turkish operations against the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In the statement released late on Sunday night, Barzani said the new developments are nothing new for the Kurdish struggle over the years.

“We as Kurds have fought for more than a century against our oppressors and invaders, however during that time we haven’t been able to change the reality nor have they been able to eliminate us. This is why I have reached the conclusion that fighting doesn’t get you anywhere and we should grab any opportunities for peace as they arise,” said Barzani in the statement.

He said the Kurdistan Regional Government has done everything it can to help their brothers and sisters in all parts of Kurdistan.

“The KRG hoped the peace process in Turkey would succeed and we (KRG) informed both the PKK and Turkey of our willingness to work with them to make the process succeed.”

Barzani reiterated his calls for the peace process to be kept alive and for Kurds to be given their rights and for stability to return to the region.

The KRG President said he thought it important to reveal his personal view on the recent developments, as there have been numerous rumors about his position.

“If we look at the reality in Turkey, we have seen that before the arrival of the AKP [Turkish ruling party], even the mention of Kurds or Kurdistan was forbidden and we tried to build a ground for dialogue. After numerous talks and meetings, it was clear that the AKP and Mr. Erdoğan had a different and new outlook toward Kurds, compared to the past political parties. That’s why we tried to involve the PKK in the talks and make Mr. Öcalan, one of the main players of the peace process, which was a huge step forward,” revealed Barzani.

The talks improved the situation and have had positive results, according to Barzani.

However, he says lot of obstacles was in the way of the process, even though the Turkish state, Öcalan and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) reiterated their commitment for the process to succeed.

Regarding the recent Turkish bombing of PKK bases in Iraqi Kurdistan, Barzani said that the KRG doesn’t set Turkish policies nor is it responsible for PKK actions.

“The only thing we can to is to support them and encourage them to talk and solve their problems peacefully,” added Barzani.

“But I have to say that we saw serious and positive steps taken by the Turkish government, however some sides became over-confident and we informed the PKK several times to be patient, because the peace process needs time and perseverance,” said the statement.

“We [KRG] told them killing two Turkish policemen won’t change anything and won’t stop the Turkish state. Now a big opportunity has arrived to fight our struggle through ballots, dialogue and politics,” says Barzani.

He also notes that he believes the AKP and HDP can form a new government in Turkey, which would represent a big achievement for Kurds in Turkey and the region as well.

Barzani wrote about the issue of the PKK laying down their weapons.

“We still believe that ignoring Öcalan and the HDP in regards of laying down weapons and ending fighting was a big mistake be the current PKK leadership. Turkey will be forced to see Öcalan as not one of the main sides of the discussions, and it puts a lot of pressure on HDP in Turkey and in Parliament, after their success,” said the KRG leader.

Furthermore, Barzani called on both sides to concentrate on the fight against Islamic State (IS).

Finally Barzani says he’s saddened by the recent violence, which he cannot condone.

“Even though I have a lot of points in regard to PKK intervention into the KRG’s internal affairs and locking down the Rojava political ground and other parts of Kurdistan, for me the Kurdish case and struggle is above everything else and we have to understand that violence won’t solve anything. My main advice for both side would be to encourage them come back in to talks and keep the peace process alive,” concluded Barzani.