Obeidi go to Moscow to discuss armament file


Follow-up - and babysit - directed Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, on Monday, to Moscow.
A source at the Ministry of Defense that "al-Obeidi, directed at the head of a delegation to Russia to discuss military cooperation between the two countries, and to support Iraq in the face of Daash gangs," explaining that "the visit al-Obeidi is in line with the Department of Defense policy to diversify sources of arming the armed forces and improve their performance."

The al-Obeidi, search on the fifth of July of this, with the Russian ambassador to Iraq, his visit to Moscow.

According to a statement of the ministry that "al-Obeidi met Ilya Murgunov Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Russia," he said, adding that the meeting dealt with "arrangements conducted by the parties to create to visit Iraq's defense minister to Moscow in the near future, as well as the nature of the subjects to be conducted by the Iraqi delegation in Moscow with Secretary of Defense Russian and Russian military leaders. "