Peshmerga arrest 14 wanted in the vicinity of Qara Tapa
Monday, 27 July 2015 11:27

Shafaq News / A local source revealed that Peshmerga forces arrested 14 wanted in the regions surrounding Qara Tapa sub-district, based on information received

from the security forces in Diyala.

Rahim Al-Kiji , the Head of Qara Tapa Council said in an interview with Shafaq News that Peshmerga forces and Asaish launched raid and search operations carried out in the regions and towns surrounding Qara Tapa based on the security information from the federal security forces.

Al- Kiji announced that Kurdish forces in coordination with the police and the army arrested 14 wanted entered the sub-district in the past periods and build on the lists received from the security forces in Diyala, stressing that the detainees were handed over to the security forces in Diyala within the security coordination between the security forces and Peshmerga.

He added that Peshmerga and security forces continue search operations and reconnaissance for the prosecution of terrorist elements or suspected in Qara Tapa .

Qara Tapa sub-district (110 km north of the city of Baquba) is experiencing escalation of violence during the past periods and terrorist attacks that have left a number of dead and wounded.