MPs criticize the work of the House of Representatives


On the performance of the House of Representatives was widely criticized by members of the Council, as they are considered what has enacted over the past period was not the level of ambition of the Iraqi street, as well as the absence of the oversight role of Parliament in view of falling under the influence of political instability.

Says an MP for the coalition in Iraq Jala Alinvtja The projects are important laws were neglected during the last period, including: oil and gas law, the Law Council of strategic policies, and the law of the Federal High Court Act, the Supreme Judicial Council.

She Alinvtja, the House of Representatives was able to enact laws for the Iraqi citizen accused of something, and ratified international treaties and canceled the previous legislation.

The MP for the National Coalition Abdul-Hussein Abtan that failures caused by the Iraqi parliament influenced by the political crisis, explaining that, despite its inception and good, but the political fallout caused disable passed important laws.

Abtan warned that the survival of the House of Representatives on the status quo, because this will reflect negatively on the solution of problems, especially service ones, while it seemed Kurdistan Alliance MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim more optimistic, considered as the continuation of the parliament sessions step confirms the success of his work.

He attributed the political analyst Ibrahim Sumaidaie failure of the work of Parliament to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives under the influence of the mass without the other, as well as the presence of deputies not qualified for the work of Parliament.