Nujaifi: ISIS executes 120 people and arrests 350 others in a new campaign in Mosul
Monday, 27 July 2015 13:41

Shafaq News / The governor of Nineveh , Athel al-Nujaifi announced on Monday, a new escalation of ISIS terrorist organization in Mosul city

that has witnessed executions and arrests of hundreds of people in the campaign.

Nujaifi told Shafaq News that the terrorist organization arrested 350 people across the neighborhoods of Mosul, adding that among those arrested are elements of the army, the police , officers of the former army , employees in the election commission , some temporary contract employees in the Commission and election candidates of the previous sessions, as well as clerics.

Nujaifi also announced that the forensic medicine department in Mosul received more than 120 bodies of executed people by ISIS terrorists shoot in the head.

ISIS terrorist organization has swept Mosul on the tenth of June of last year after the sudden withdrawal of the Iraqi security forces and practiced murder, detention and exile against the citizens and especially members of ethnic, religious and sectarian minorities, which caused the migration of most of the people of those components to safe areas in Kurdistan region.