Parliamentary bloc demanding inclusion of independent bodies and the Iraqi Media Network's decision to reduce salaries

Monday 27-07-2015 | 9:22:05

Twilight News Chairman Badr parliamentary bloc Qassim al-Araji / student on Monday, the Iraqi government is universally independent bodies and the Iraqi Media Network's decision to reduce salaries, calling for the importance of equality among all Iraqi civil servants in rights and duties.

They said in a statement available to Twilight News, the independent bodies and the Iraqi Media Network affiliated institutions are prepared either to the government or the parliament must be all coverage decisions, which include the rest of the circuit.

And he demanded the enactment of laws is equal between all institutions and ministries ladder salaries, allowances and other dangerous, noting that the staff feels comfortable with it and not feel injustice and oppression.

He pointed out that al-Araji pass him the salaries and allowances close between all ministries and institutions save us from big government institution of the problem of migration to other applications for large privileges and high remuneration lacking in the rest of the ministries.

The Cabinet had last week decided to reduce the financial allocations are the senior officials in the state, including the three presidencies in an effort to reduce the disparities between the salary scale in the country.