Central invitation to confirm the warnings of risks

7/27/2015 0:00

Dr. Falah Thuwaini. Quinn deciding traded currency online

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate
stressed economist d. Falah Thuwaini the need to hedge and prevention of currency the trading risk (bit Quinn), especially in light of the great development of technology and the spread of Internet use in the country.
and the "Bitcoin" electronic coin can be compared to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro, but with several key differences, most notably it electronic fully and traded only online without a physicist her.

He Thuwaini in a statement the "morning", the Central Bank issued uncles to all licensed banks operating in Iraq not to deal with what is known in the currency of the (bit Quinn) pit coin in any way, and exposed who deals with them to legal sanctions, noting that this currency is not issued by the central bank is illegal and has a suspicion of money laundering and use Palmqbader across Alanturnt.oohar that that currency are traded outside the powers of the monetary authority without the presence of a physical account, she also vary from traditional currencies that there is no central regulatory body behind it, pointing out the possibility of use like any other currency for purchase online or even turn them into traditional currencies, it has put the slogan Default it is with the letter B and symbolized by the BTC, which is an official symbol of the coin to decide Quinn can be used as a shortcut such as ID dinar Iraqi and USD the US dollar and JOD for Danaralardna and SAR Saudi riyal .obin that easy handling currency deciding Quinn outside the banking systems in the world has made ​​it easy to use in the financing of illegal operations throughout the world, we have been arrested in a group of dealers, of whom one executives to use Manfezathm of the coin to decide Quinn in the financing of suspicious transactions such as money laundering, drug trafficking and the financing of organized crime.

He stressed that these operations are funded currently currencies especially the dollar the world, but not on the easy image means that the global embrace of the coin to decide Quinn revive finance operations transnational organized crime around the world, where would be funded and benefit from the revenue operations a breeze through the coin to decide Koan.odaa Central Thuwaini trading to tighten measures against those who deal in this virtual currency in Iraq, taking advantage of the circumstances faced by the country and along the lines of some of the countries of the world, such as China and Russia , to reduce the use of such digital currency in the suspicious transactions, and added that the central bank is solely responsible for the licensing and supervision of payment systems and to maintain the value of local currency and the banking system within Albuld.oaota warning economist after declaring site MTEOX trading currency (deciding Quinn) that about 750 000 units have been loss of client portfolios on the site when it was hacked encryptions own computers, which enabled them to withdraw the equivalent of $ 2.7 million of virtual currency, so it has stopped most important currency trading for the workplace once and loss currencies registered members in it and of course there is no central bank compensates the world for these quantities that have been lost through the re-released again.