Trade: the lack of liquidity delay dues peasants exchange ... and to stop marketing in parts of Kurdistan

Mon, July 27, 2015 11:46

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... the Supreme Commission for marketing discussed in the General Company for Grain Trade, Ministry of Commerce, on Monday, "pay the dues of the peasants and the process of grain marketing in parts of Kurdistan, as well as a review of the mechanisms of the Commission's work in terms of marketing in most regions of the country and the ways developing mechanisms to ensure the Commission's work in Baghdad and the provinces, including live up to the quality of the wheat silos country received from peasants and farmers. "

Ahmed said Ahadjima assistant general director of the company in a statement received / Baghdadi News / copy of it "that he has been discussing the Cabinet decision to approve the launch of dues peasants and farmers in 2014 and directed the Ministry of Finance, regardless of financial receivables not on cash flow."

Between Ahadjima "The Ministry Altjarhaly ready for the distribution of financial dues to the peasants and farmers the event of Rhode notice of the Ministry of Finance to provide liquidity."

"He was also discussion of marketing wheat crop for the current season in the provinces of Kurdistan region and take the end of the official work day on 31.07.2015 date for the campaign to stop the marketing in all regions of the province."

Ahadjima He noted "the importance of speeding up the exchange dues peasants in the light of the follow-up of the Minister of Trade as well as the development of plans ensure the success of marketing operations and the preservation of wheat received through mechanisms with local councils and provincial councils" .anthy / 21 Z