A government project to refer 70 Energy Investment station .. and Parliament is unaware of the details

Heading to the ministerial committee to refer all energy power plants to invest, even though it cost the treasury of the Iraqi state $ 35 billion over the past decade, in an effort to address the electricity crisis. Commission on oil and energy parliamentary and believes that the best solution to the problem of electricity is to open the doors of investment in the energy sector. In spite of the huge amounts of money and large of previous governments to raise the exchange hours of processing the Ministry of Electricity has been unable to fill the actual need of the power supply. He says Zaher al-Abadi, a member of the Parliamentary Commission on oil and energy, "Prime Ministerial Committee for Energy Bahaa al Ask the House of Representatives sale of all electric power stations," stressing that "this proposal and raised doubts parliamentary committee energy concerns."
He said al-Abadi told the "term" that "parliamentary our committee does not have adequate information on the mechanism that will be followed by the Ministerial Committee on Energy for the sale of electric power stations." MP urged to "postpone the application of this procedure and accuracy in his review in detail before its implementation."

He continued by Reform parliamentary bloc that "energy to the ministerial committee will apply this decision in the next term," but he stressed that "the parliamentary energy committee will have a position on these resolutions that we are not aware in detail."

Asks a member of the Commission on oil parliamentary about "the mechanism that will be adopted in the sale of these power stations and is the entity or people who will buy these plants and how they will be selling electricity to the citizen?", Adding, "I refuse to label the move to invest the electricity sector because it is in fact a direct sale of electricity."

And the number of power plants and production capacity, Abadi says, "There are 70 station referred to the building across the provinces Each station 150 units to generate electricity," noting that "33 station only, of the total 70, entered service and the processing of citizens with electricity and different cards."

Attention MP for the province of Basra that "Iraq's production of energy per day up to nearly 11 500 megawatts per day, while the actual we need more than 24 000 MW per day."

And on the funds allocated by Iraq for the energy sector size, Abadi explains that "successive governments have spent more than $ 35 billion to the electricity sector but the Iraqi citizens did not notice an improvement is noteworthy," unlikely to be able Ministry of Electricity of energy saving and tackle the crisis experienced by most of the provinces.

In turn explains the Attorney Erez Abdullah, head of the Oil and Energy Committee, that the committee "discussed the investment power stations by the Energy Committee in the Council of Ministers but briefly."

He said Abdullah, told the "long", that "the parliamentary energy committee with the investment in the electricity sector," likely "the presence of actors have an interest not to display the electricity sector for investment or lack of understanding of investment interest."

Hosting and Electricity Minister in the House of Representatives, Mahabs Razak, the other member of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, said that "the Ministry of Electricity says justifies the subject of hours of processing the low lack of financial allocations as well as the deteriorating security situation with the lack of the presence of gas to run all the stations."

And see Mahabs, he told the "long", that "the Ministry of Electricity exploited if the employment of funds, allocated to it during the past decade, the production of electricity rose to 30 000 MW a day."

The attention of a member of the Badr parliamentary bloc that "the subject of electricity investment will be discussed at another date to be determined to the Minister of electricity within the oil and energy."

He stressed that Mahabs "lingering power crisis without any solutions to remember and will probably be worse than the current time."

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