Judiciary: Courts achieve Rusafa settled about 30 thousand suit within three months

Judiciary announced, Sunday, that the achievement of the courts of the Rusafa settled a lawsuit 29130 during the past three months. A spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement seen Alsumaria News it, "The presidency of the appeal of the Federal Court of Rusafa reported statistical numbers unforeseen actions before its courts in the three months (April, May, June)." He added that "the Rusafa Criminal Court settled the suit 889 over the past three months, while the investigation was completed courts suit 29130 during the same period." He explained that "the courts of first instance 3538 settled a lawsuit, with the threshold for the personal status courts amounted to 73% during the same period." Bayraktar said that "misdemeanor courts settled the 4873 total of 5510 cases, an increase of 88%, which displayed in front of her." It is noteworthy that the judiciary declares constantly released many accused of "terrorism" issues, as well as other defendants different criminal cases, did not prove a conviction against them.

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