Parliamentary work: raising labor law to a vote within ten days and activated next month

Plans for the Labour and Social Affairs parliamentary, submit a draft labor law to vote within ten days. The head of the Committee honest we hinted, told all of Iraq [where], "The Committee discussed at its meeting today, the draft labor code that you want to raise it to a vote," noting that "the labor law that will raise the vote within ten days." He explained that "the Commission will organize a conference sponsored days in the fifth, and sixth, and seventh of the month of August in the presence of the Minister of Labour Mohammad Shia'a Sudanese, to activate the labor law." It was we hinted, announced in early July of this, the draft labor law is complete.
He said we hinted's [where], "was to complete the draft labor law, and will be up to 235 items, as we received from the government for 157 material," stressing that "the draft law was completed and will be included on the agenda of the meetings of Parliament agenda", adding that "everyone agreed on the adoption of the draft labor law, "explaining," When has read it a second reading and been the debate has been taking all the interventions of the House of Representatives and their comments into consideration. "
He pointed to "the introduction of the observations of the international labor organizations, as well as the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs", adding that "the law will serve as a code of conduct, as it included all the details related to the worker and the employer." The, the House of Representatives ended its session held in 30 of last March, the second reading of the draft law Alaml.anthy