Germany urges Turkey not to abandon the peace process with the Kurds

Twilight News / urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in a phone call not to abandon the peace process with the Kurds after Turkish warplanes launched air raids on PKK strongholds in the border areas of Kurdistan province of Iraq.

As Merkel told Davutoglu that Ankara will support the government in its fight against the militants but urged its partner in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to maintain balances.

German government spokesman was quoted Davutoglu as telling Merkel The Turkish government's actions in the "war on terror" has taken following the attacks on the city of saddles and Turkish security forces.

The spokesman added that Merkel emphasized to Davutoglu on the support and solidarity of Germany but "in this context came to mention the principle of proportionality in the necessary procedures."

The spokesman added, "Chancellor also requested not to abandon the peace process with the Kurds, but resumed in spite of all the difficulties."

Kurdistan Workers' Party announced that the truce with the Turkish government no longer has meaning after attacks by Turkish aircraft on the camps.