Cabinet Secretariat looking importance of studying the file collection

Baghdad scales News - Discussed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers with a number of ministries cut costs and maximize revenues file.
According to a statement of the secretariat received / scales News / copy of "The Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Rahman Issa Hassan chaired a meeting to discuss the format for" cut costs and maximize revenues, "with a number of ministries" file.

"The meeting, which was attended by Director General of the Department follow-up of government and coordination in the Secretariat Riad Fadel Muhammad, has a thorough discussion of proposals and solutions in the areas of reducing expenses and maximize revenues, and form so special with officials in the ministries of" electricity, health, industry and minerals, as well as Municipalities and Public Works public, and Construction and Housing "."

The statement pointed out that "the meeting emphasized the importance of studying the collection and deductions file in earnest for the organization of pay services provided to citizens after taking into account the development of the monthly access and processing of slides that live in poverty belts, adding that the mission ministries put visions of art and on the Government to take appropriate decisions and realism" .anthy 29 / d 25