Dulaimi: Parliament amended the important laws for a vote soon

Date: 26/07/2015 10:59

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revealed an MP for the Union of Forces olive-Dulaimi, Sunday, for the House of Representatives for changes to draft bills task before him for voting and approval soon.

She said al-Dulaimi told / information /, "The majority of the political blocs reached and compromises on laws put forward by the parliamentary committees for approval soon, "noting that" the parliament had many amendments. "

She added that "the laws that have been modified by agreement of the political blocs, is the law of the National Guard and the law of amnesty, as well as other laws." , adding that "the amendments were necessary for these laws to be passed and voted on."

She Dulaimi to be "optimistic the enactment of these laws soon the political blocs is preparing a national reconciliation for all", pointing out that "future meetings will be a new start for the Parliament to pass different laws them. " Ended / 25 T.