Commerce announces the need for a new regulatory apparatus competencies


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry of Commerce announced that the commercial and financial control department performs its functions in a positive way through the follow-up administrative and financial aspects of the departments and companies the ministry as well as to follow up the work of agents in different provinces of the country, while confirming that the control devices in the ministry require administrative expansion through attract new efficiencies.

General Manager of Commercial and Financial Control Department in the Ministry Sarmad Taha Said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: that the tasks mandated control devices in the ministry require administrative expansion by attracting new competencies take on Atguetha control and inspection responsibility and check to the joints of the administrative work and financial in the Ministry of private trade and the number of workers in the regulatory bodies is not commensurate with the high volume of services and multi-service departments in the Ministry of Commerce.

He added that the structure of administrative and field services and operations control and audit are not commensurate with the department's assets from financial and administrators Alrkabaan which requires expansion in the field of control and sift through pushing new cadres capable of detecting bugs and deal with it legally and eradicate the hotbeds of corruption in some joints.

He noted that the efforts made ​​by the cadres of control in the Ministry of Commerce during the last period was very large compared to the size of the mechanisms in place in corruption or violation of rules and regulations and return this to the dedication workers.

He noted that the coming period will witness more of inspection tours on the joints of the work of mills and institutions of an administrative addition to the follow-up work of the agents of food and checking the quality of the materials distributed and match them with materials that are supplied by the ministry, especially that control an active member of the Department of the Committee for the central contracts and familiar with the mechanisms of action, materials and Mnaciha.

He said his department and hand crafted on the administrative and financial for a number of mills, agents irregularities and administrative measures taken after the approval of the minister came as the recommendations of control. / End / 22 /