Economist: Benefits of IMF loans do not exceed (1%) and pay comfortable

Special / scales News - He stressed the economic expert contrary goldsmith, Sunday, that the benefits of IMF loans do not exceed (1%) is expected to fill the budget deficit, noting that the loans taken by Iraq will pay the rest.

Iraq and borrowed from the International Monetary Fund of five billion dollars to cover the deficit of the Federal budget and the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks.

The jeweler said in a statement to / scales News /, said that "these loans have been approved in the federal budget for the law in 2015 in the second paragraph / b, which states authorize the Federal Minister of Finance to continue to borrow to meet the projected deficit of the Federal general budget of the International Monetary Fund."

He added that "the benefits of the International Monetary Fund and simple and do not remember a period of repayment of the loan is a long-term pay and comfortable."

Sayegh said that "the IMF when lending to certain conditions shall be met by the State of some reforms to give the loan and otherwise not granted, and these conditions do not affect the sovereignty of the state, but the conditions are reform to correct the wrong tracks in the economy in the State concerned".

The expert Alaguetsadaa that "the benefits of the loan does not exceed the proportion (1%) to help the Iraqi economy is to reduce the budget deficit and the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist operations" ./ ended 29 n / 10