DinarUpdates.com Early Evening Chat w/BGG 7-23-15

Welcome to dinarupdates.com for Early Evening Chat with BGG!!

Baxter1243 - Evening Mr White..... So..... how we look towards the end of the month and the Tariff enactments..?

BGG - Good evening Mr White

BGG - You up for a Chat??

wmawhite - I seriously look forward to each day because I believe that Iraq along with the entire region is at the point where Iraq will move forward at any time.

Baxter1243 - Thx.. Mr White... I hope so..

BGG - Well that's one way to start off a Chat!!

wmawhite - I have about an hour maybe..


wmawhite - Seriously, the dynamics are huge.

BGG - Gimme' one sec...

wmawhite - And I don't care what day of the week nor month.

wmawhite - It doesn't have to be the 1st, 15th.it can be any day now.

Baxter1243 - I dont know how they can enforce these Tariffs and not do something with the currency... the inflation will go thru the roof..

BGG - Supposedly - Fridays are off limits to "monetary reform" - according to those with "inside sources"

wmawhite - Exactly.........those are small indicators of what is coming.

BGG - so - probably safe for tomorrow

wmawhite -

wmawhite - Is Baxter still up?

Baxter1243 - yep

Baxter1243 - Hey... you and BGG go at it... I will lurk..

GrannieAnnie - I have a front row seat to

BGG - Have you been seeing this Maliki news lately??

BGG - WOW?!?

wmawhite - The tariffs are an example of what needs a change in the value.......because they/CBI will never speak directly about the coming change.

wmawhite - I was listening to your call.

wmawhite - and the idea of him taking on SA (Saudi Arabia).

wmawhite - Pure idiot.

BGG - the most recent bit being this...

wmawhite - death wish

BGG - Yes - him taking Saudi Arabia is a pure deflection tactic... shows how desperate he is...

BGG - that kind of "anti-Sunni" jibberish plays well with the Shia hardliner base...

BGG - but is pure bunk because the Saudis have had to deal with attacks from ISIS recently as well... ISIS is against everyone.

BGG - the most interesting part - Baghdad backed away from him immedaitely - they want NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT JIVE!!

wmawhite - and what does SA opening an embassy in Baghdad say about their concern in Maliki?

BGG - and then the piece came out about Massoum potentially resorting to using his constitutional right to "sack" Maliki...

BGG - I think without Maliki setting fire to the whole Middle East the Saudis would have had an embassy there a while back...

BGG - Baghdad needs to mend these fences and quick... they don't need this dragging on.

BGG - in fact, there was another article in the Iraq News Thread... very interesting - lemme' get it...

wmawhite - The two major players in the region......Iran and Saudi want nothing to do with Maliki...hmmmm

BGG - Saudi Arabia calls for the application of the "reforms" in Iraq to maintain its unity

BGG - called the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, Thursday, to the application of the "reforms" in Iraq to maintain its unity, while stressing the importance of addressing firmly for "riots" of Iran in the region...

BGG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...l=1#post124232

wmawhite - That sounds as though SA is reaching out to Abadi.............supporting his efforts.

BGG - The point being - the Saudis know what needs doing...

BGG - exactly - and here's the thing (Abadi knows)... the Saudis can change the financial future of Iraq very, very quickly...

wmawhite - Good point, BGG

wmawhite - The Saudis still have deeeep pockets.

BGG - with an ally in the region the Saudis might be far less inclined to continue driving the price of oil down... Iraq needs to get more for their oil.

BGG - it would help Abadi a lot to be on good terms with them over the next few years

wmawhite - If Abadi is to reach out to the Sunni in Anbar.................the largest Sunni country in the region is Saudi Arabia.................and they are Iraq's southern neighbor.

BGG - Exactly - it all works together...

wmawhite - My money (IQD) is still on Abadi.........

BGG - fortunately for us... Maliki being gone serves another vital interest (to us) as well...

BGG - this latest rash of attacks on Maliki - I don't see how he survives...

BGG - (politically - that is...)

wmawhite - Did you see the announcement that the USA may start using bases in Turkey to strike ISIL?

BGG - roughly the 20th would have been the earliest he was "reported" to have been going to resign..

BGG - when he didn't - did everyone notice how direct and pointed the attacks in the media were??

wmawhite - BTW...............that puts Mosul in easy reach.

BGG - like the 21st and 22nd...

BGG - then Maliki fires back at the Saudis - it's such "amped up" rhetoric - he almost looks crazy...

BGG - then - as of today - apparently Fuad Massoum is circulating the reports (or someone in his camp is) that he's about done with Maliki...

BGG - the US able to use Turkish bases to strike ISIS makes things look very "cut and dried" - the Turks don't (and haven't been) involved in any coalition until the end.

BGG says to TimandJulie - Hey - long time no see. Glad you're back!!

wmawhite - Report: US may now launch ISIS strikes from within Turkey http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/07...within-turkey/

TimandJulie - sorry to interupt, please continue

wmawhite says to TimandJulie - No problem....

wmawhite - I truly believe that the clock is ticking on ISIS in Iraq and syria.

BGG - Yup - the Turks have also been hesitant to side with anyone against ISIS (until now) because they so severely dislike Assad...

BGG - great point - and I think you are correct...

BGG - and Maliki (ticking on him too) - time is short for them all.

wmawhite - Last week all we saw coming out of the Iran deal was stability in the area.............including Syria.

wmawhite - My prediction.........by this with winter..............ISIS will be on the way out of Iraq looking for some other place to set up shop.

BGG - Here's another interesting piece...

BGG - Efforts to enact laws that support the monetary policy of including "federal tax and revenue"

BGG - The parliamentary finance committee expressed, Thursday, for it seeks to discuss and approve the pass a number of bills in the House of Representatives and that serve the monetary policy of the country in general.

He said the Commission's decision Ahmed Hama's / scales News /, that "we have a lot of bills to be included on the agenda during the next sessions to improve the monetary policy situation of the country," stressing that "the most prominent of those laws is the" federal revenue to the state...

BGG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...l=1#post124243

BGG - That was just today...

wmawhite - Call it tax or tariffs.........they need revenue.

BGG - Amen - none of that happens without VALUE!!

wmawhite - Another indicator of what is coming...

BGG - True

Baxter1243 - Question.. IF the Tariffs are enacted on August 1.. do they start then or is there a waiting period..??

BGG - I also think - Maliki survives until after this next meeting of Parliament (at least)

BGG - something this incendiary will require a "meeting of some minds"...

wmawhite - That is when he gets his one way ticket to the Hague, Holland.

BGG - tariffs are already law (as I recall) - they have just delayed implementation - on the advice from their own experts.

Baxter1243 - Ok... thx... more pressure then..

BGG - the point is - they are in "the waiting period" now.

tman23 - From Saudi Arabi .........."Language spoken by al-Maliki confirms the hundredth time that governs Iraq is not serious about opening a new page, and is keen on good neighborliness.......and they do follow the sincere advice coming from Arabs, but only «commands» coming from the Persians."

BGG - We will see where that argument ends...

wmawhite - IMO,.....that is what Abadi is trying to change.

wmawhite - sorry...............got to go.

BGG says to tman23 - the point being - I doubt "the language spoken by Maliki" is allowed to stand as "the language of Baghdad" - the good news being (for us) once he is removed it opens up a whole other realm of financial possibilities for us.

BGG - Thanks for the convo... TTYL.

TimandJulie - Abadi will eventually get it

BGG - I think - sooner than later.

BGG says to TimandJulie - this calculation looks pretty clear - there are distinct advantages to Maliki being gone. He's toxic - the world is not putting up with it. Someone WILL take the fall... and he is, ultimately responsible.

BGG - think about this for a sec...

BGG - justice may not always be swift - but the bloodstains of the Speicher massacre can be seen from Outer Space (Heaven)... the world won't let it go.

BGG - Maliki is kidding himself.

TimandJulie - Maliki is allowing his new goons to post things that are coming back to bite him

BGG - it's all bad for him right now - there is no safe place.

subgirl - Now lets just get this thing done!!!!!! lol

TimandJulie - Too many conglomerate companies are proving there ready to step into Iraq and are sick of Maliki holding it at bay

chickadee - Am I understanding right once Maliki is gone things may move

TimandJulie - rather Abadi and his group are

tman23 - Once Iraq makes a currency shift and that currency is accepted international AND sitting in bank coffers and calculated on their balance sheets...... The investment will be to deep and the G19 countries will remove any "cancers" that threaten the $$$$$....

TimandJulie - Too many conglomerate companies are proving there ready to step into Iraq and Abadi and his group are sick of Maliki holding it at bay


BGG - IMHO - yes... once he (and then ALAK) are out of the way - things move very quickly.

BGG - There is already an interesting amount of support being offered (ahead of financial support) by a lot of different countries.

chickadee - thank you.

BGG - there was an article about Estonia sending military supplies to Iraq...

BGG - very interesting...

BGG - all old "non-conforming" NATO stuff - but who cares??

BGG - which kind of highlights your point... (maybe even a little early)

BGG - they haven't forked over much in actual cash / loans yet... but some hard supplies are coming in.

tman23 - “According to the signed agreements between the Iraqi government and the United States, the F-16 jets will not be used in combat without the participation of the Kurdish pilots. There are conditions in the agreement that the Iraqi government must fulfill,” MP Shakho Abdullah told Rudaw Tuesday. As for the significance of having Kurdish pilots test-fly the planes, Lt.-Gen. Amin said the decision was intentional.

“The pilots were Kurds and it means that the Kurdistan Region also shares the jets, and they are to protect Iraq and Kurdistan,” Amin said

BGG - last couple of days have been HUGE NEWS days - I likey!!

sheila3 - yes sir it has, and its awesome

BGG - I saw that - IMHO the F-16 are more a psychological boost - but whatever it takes to get them up and moving!!

BGG - Rudaw is a pretty legit news source.

BGG - and - I get what the Kurds are saying.

BGG - they don't want those F-16's getting used on Erbil

BGG - that's their main buggaboo...

jackflash101st - What is it going to take to actually get rid of the toxic maliki and his goons..How exactly could they perform such a magical untertaking?

BGG - and can you blame them - they still remember Saddam using gas on them last imte they got into a thing with Baghdad.

BGG - I think we are seeing it play out in front of us...

BGG - he's went wacko on live TV!!

jackflash101st - Thanks

BGG - the better question - after what he's been up to the last couple of days - HOW DOES BAGHDAD KEEP HIM??

BGG - that is the better question...

BGG - I don't see how they can

subgirl - WOW BGG and Mr. White!!! GREAT convo!!!!!!! AMEN!