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    Bgg special newstime 7/16/15


    BGG: OK - here's my idea...
    BGG: Our "Special News Time" for Thurs will be a Live Q and A - on Chat AND on the live CC...

    BGG: 760-569-7676 pin#570743
    BGG: it will not be recorded... but I will try to type as much of it out here as I can

    thomas1: IS TMAN23 OK

    BGG thomas1: Far as I know - yeah.
    BGG thomas1: No big.

    thomas1: also thank you all for you do ....

    clay01: any news on Maliki

    BGG clay01: Too early for that - earliest is likely right after the end of "The Feast".

    mimi: asking about the low rate
    BGG: Everyday Iraq calling for artificially low exchange rate to increase. need to reconcile
    great article on Blog

    jd: Anbuge article on Iraq Dinar Exchange Rate ??

    BGG jd: Great article...

    larrykn: do you think they will have to replace the cbi Govenor before they raise the rate

    BGG larrykn: I don't think they have to - but I think they will.

    WesTex: ??? BGG--In your opinion, is it possible that the current US administration, through its influence over the UST/IMF/UN, could be holding this up? I ask this because a friend here in West Texas (RK) continues to believe that is the case.

    BGG WesTex: I do not believe that.

    thomas1: do think that this could go into the fall sin
    thomas1: since they are really cleaning up with all these bold move with goi . i am cool .

    BGG thomas1: anything is possible. I would hate to see it though.


    _firefly_ BGG: By low, sell high !

    Doodle Brain: Guys? No sir...all woman here! Thank you to all the mods, VIPs, Copy's moderators...thank you BGG and Mrs. have built a fabulous community of people that have heart and thank you for allowing me to be part. Today, there was a "Tender" put out for the citizens to be able to bid on an RFP to rebuild the roads in Baghdad, Sinalco etc.) The funds that would be used are all in IQD. No mention of USD in this RFP (REquest for proposal) I have never seen this before. Is this significant in your opinion? (Praying for Clay!!!!)<---yes totally public statement

    BGG Doodle Brain: Probably not - they are using a lot of IQD for internal projects and have been for quite some time. Dual currency county still but transitioning into dinar

    quicktolegit96: Is this Iran thing really that big of a deal?
    Dr Dave: Dumb question...but is Iraq fully out off sanctions....I hear between 7-8....need 8 to wto compliant

    BGG it is a big deal
    BGG: yes - they are fully out of sanctions - Article 8 is another story entirely - different animal

    Jonhenry: I may be going to afgan, Any thoughts on their currency being in any of this for investment?

    BGG Jonhenry: take some USD.

    Doodlebrain: you are amazing Mr & Mrs. BGG, thank you and MD


    quicktolegit96: is Iran that big of a deal with what's going on a necessary
    quicktolegit96: my fault on cell phone and necessary to push this RV through quicker

    BGG quicktolegit96: It probably will.
    BGG quicktolegit96: it is a big deal. Good short term - yes... bad long term - SO DISHEARTENING.


    jd: If I were a Iraq citizen and I could see my cousins in Kuwait I would be having a fit on my current standard of living. When are the people going to riot in the streets ?

    BGG jd: Lots of pressure that direction now - why do you think they are seeing "monetary reform" articles every other day.

    shaun: What do you think the reason for Obamas reason for saying they would buy oil from Iran if they lift sanctios. wasnt the plan to buy Oil from Iraq? how will this change Iraq

    BGG shaun: I haven't seen that comment yet - and have no clue why he would say that - there are plenty of buyers for their oil.
    BGG shaun: Iranian oil.

    wcb: Could you please elaborate more extensively why it will be a bad deal in the long run? Thanks.

    BGG wcb: terrible security deal.
    BGG wcb: Iran's Shia influence will spread unchecked in the ME - we can't handle them now.
    BGG wcb: and they won't abide by any deal or terms - this is a joke.

    amose02: you said on recaps today that you felt everything was coming together what else do you think they need to do or needs to happen for it to happen

    BGG: amose02: we are spectators - there is considerable movement - I don't think there is one "have to" left... they are ready
    BGG: amose02: they are ready this argument is solved...

    quicktolegit96: do you feel they need some type of rate increase for tariffs

    BGG: quicktolegit96: Heck yeah - tariffs with no value added it very bad.

    BGG: quicktolegit96: according to their own economists.

    Doodle Brain: A global question...So the IMF came out and demanded that Greece's debt be forgiven. This seems to follow the "Creature from Jekyll Island" thought process of a Global Reset?

    BGG Doodle Brain: That's not exactly what the IMF said.
    BGG Doodle Brain: they want/need a solution.

    Doodle Brain: But they asked that it be forgiven

    BGG Doodle Brain: not forgiveness.

    Doodle Brain: okay. I'll research it.

    BGG Doodle Brain: we need to study that further - I think that is not the character of their argument

    puffdragon: If Alak goes, can we expect RV shortly there after ? Is that possibly the delay at this point ?

    BGG puffdragon: VERY - VERY Quickly.

    BGG: Doesn't matter - digital or otherwise.

    thomas1: how long do you think alak has weeks days

    BGG thomas1: depends on Maliki and Abadi's progress in dealing with him...
    BGG thomas1: if Maliki goes - Alak is right behind him.

    guppy: If payments are mostly digital, why does it matter how many zeros the currency uses?

    BGG guppy: They aren't - lots of cash - and zeros are "code" for low value...
    BGG guppy: reduce the zero's = increase the value.

    clay01: who is able to replace Alak as CBI gov
    clay01: to do the replacing

    BGG clay01: I'm sure it will take a consensus. Abadi hasn't done it yet for fear of looking like Maliki.

    Doodle Brain: Last question for me. Like I said on the call, you have created an amazing community that is filled with heart and soul. Mrs. BGG, God Bless you and we love everything that you share with us...your heart and soul. Here's my question: Mr. BGG...what is it about this Community (that you have built) that we bring to you, can we SERVE this community better?

    BGG: Doodle Brain: You already are - hands and feet
    about you the community ... including everyone so we all have a voice .

    bigrudy: Do you think that Iraq can go an other month with the current of their currency?

    BGG: bigrudy: Yeah - they could. I hate to think that they will. no one knows, no telling the direction they will go

    thomas1: i know you do not like going out on limb .. in your mind how do you think next week and the next four week will bring us and to good for Iraq....when poppy coming o n

    BGG thomas1: No can do Amigo.
    BGG thomas1: It's just not fair.

    Doodle Brain: YES! Do a call with POPPY! POPPY WE MISS YOU!

    BGG: yes we will do a call with Poppy

    bigrudy: So with the oil that they are producing and to support themself why would they rush a change of their currency? Can they wait until 2016 or 2017 like few articles mention?

    BGG bigrudy: are we talking about Iraq here??
    they will be out of money if they wait. they can't wait.

    BGG: bigrudy: they can't wait unitl 2017
    BGG; bigrudy: or til the end of the year - for that matter.

    END OF Q&A

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