Parliamentary Finance Committee: We can not achieve all applications submitted to us that we need to achieve 10 times the general budget
On: Wed, 01/05/2012 8:25

Baghdad (news) .. confirmed the Finance Committee representative that it can not achieve all requests made ​​by the government agencies that we need at least 10 times the budget, stressing that the current budget is not the level of ambition.
A member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Haitham Jubouri In a special statement by the Agency (news) said on Thursday that "with respect to all the requests submitted by parliamentary committees and independent bodies and provinces being the Angdr to achieve
all their applications, "stressing that the Committee if it wanted to achieve all applications to request the presence of 10 times the budget presented by the the state, noting that the Committee will notice requests the task that can be achieved through transfers from one chapter to another door.
He added: Jubouri that the general budget is without ambition, indicating that it must deal with reality and this is the reality as we have no revenue, only revenue the oil which is 93% and will be dealt with this reality.
The Iraqi Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi said in the eighth month of December of last year, in a press conference that the total Iraqi budget for 2012 has reached 117 trillion dinars, indicating that the share of the operational budget for 2012 reached 80 trillion dinars, compared to 37 trillion dinars investment budget, and by the inability of 14 trillion dinars, which represents 10 percent of gross domestic product and 12 percent of the total budget
and the House of Representatives voted on the budget for 2011 amounting to some 93 trillion deficit 14 trillion dinars, while expenditures amounted to operational 0.64 trillion dinars, while the expenditures amounted to 29 trillion dinars of investment, based on the rate of $ 76.5 per barrel of oil at a rate of 2.0002 million barrels a day, including 100 thousand barrels of Kurdistan. / Finished / 3.'s. meters /