We regularly read and hear about an education process or "phase" directed at teaching Iraqis how to understand the future value of their currency. It's often implied that this phase or process has to be meticulously planned, timed and executed to avoid confusing the Iraqis. Maybe it's just me but, if you tell me that right now 1166 dinars equal 1 dollar, but from this moment forward 1 dinar will equal 1 dollar due to a planned shift in the value of the currency, guess what, I IMMEDIATELY understand this without any further explanation or "education".
Likewise, if you tell me that from this moment forward all 3 zero notes will be treated as if the zeros don't exist, I will understand this immediately as well. Ahhh but I'm not an Iraqi you might say. I mean everyone must realize that the average Iraqi doesn't understand simple math as well as most of the rest of the worlds people right? If you haven't guessed it by now I'm intentionally being totally facetious about the understanding of Iraqi citizens! Everyone can rest assured that Iraqis have at least as good of an understanding of their own currency's value today and in the future as the rest of the world. No extensive educational rollout will ever be required for them to understand the purchasing power of the currency they hold. Trust me when I say we aren't confused by the math and neither are they. The only confusion is that which is intentional and has nothing to do with the real future value.
Oh!, well if the holdup isn't due to some educational phase then it must be because "they - the PTB" must be holding off until some time in the future when they can magically catch us off our guard and "surprise us" with it... Ummm no, that too has no basis in reality but that discussion will be for another time.

GLTA legitimate speculators,