Sorry if this has been asked before and I hope this question is in the proper area. I think we all would agree that the money for the RV, RI will be paid by revenue from oil sales. Yea I know China thru the dragon family might be involved to. But let say there are not. If you have a tanker of oil lets say 3 million gallons of oil. Crude oil would be 55 Gallon @ 55 Dollars US about 1.00 dollar per gallon crude, So that would be 3 million dollars or 1166 X in IQD It is the same amount of money when you convert it dollars or IQD. So if they are having problems paying bill now. Then how are they going to pay every body and make there country better? I hope this make sense? If not sorry. Bottom line no mater Dollars or IQD when you convert them are worth the same 1166 to 1 there just is more bills?