Oil Minister Discusses Cooperation with America .. and the government agree to hold Halliburton

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Search Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi with the Special Envoy of the Government of the United States for Energy UAMS Huxtan prospects for economic cooperation between Iraq and the United States of America .ozkr statement of the Ministry of Oil: The two sides discussed during the meeting, the prospects for economic cooperation between Iraq and the United States and the possibility of inviting American companies Investment in energy and oil according to the framework agreement of mutual cooperation between the two countries Portal eternal US envoy country's desire to develop bilateral relations in all fields, including the oil sector. On the other hand, the cabinet approved a contract worth 278.5 million dollars, with the Halliburton oil services company American to drill wells in the West Qurna-1.ozkr statement to the Council of Ministers under the contract, which extends to 30 months will Halliburton drilled 30 oil wells in the West Qurna field, which is being developed by Exxon Mobil Corporation of America. The total reserves of 8.7 billion Bermal.oabulg rate of oil production in the West Qurna -1 around 360 thousand barrels per day due to problems related to low levels of water pumping required to promote Alanteg.aly Separately, Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Iraq has fertile ground for investment in various areas, the most important oil and gas, petro Kimoyat.ozkr statement of the Ministry of Oil Abdul-Mahdi stressed that the Baghdad International Fair is the gate of direct investment between Iraq and Alm.oshdd that the active presence of the states and international companies, is considerable evidence that our country by the energies and considerable potential for Ataatoagaf and we will continue to activation of future projects Stressing on the need to activate Massadractsadah and many other investment and the launch of industry and commerce, agriculture and banking sector which develops and that the evolution of the country's economy.