22/10/2014 16:11
Dhi Qar / obelisk: The governor of Dhi Qar, Yahya Mohammed Baqir al-Nasiri, on Wednesday, the provincial government support for Lebanese companies wishing to work within the projects to develop the province,

The search of Nazareth during his meeting with Chairman of the Board of southern Lebanon and his accompanying delegation prospects of investment and economic cooperation between the Lebanese companies and the provincial government, noting that "the prospects and work areas in the province of Dhi Qar accommodate all investment companies and Amarih especially Arab ones."

Between conservative and that he "discussed with the Lebanese delegation a number of issues related to investment and reconstruction, and that the provincial government will work to strengthen cooperation with businessmen and Lebanese companies."

He stressed the Nazarene "support for the Lebanese companies wishing to work within the conservation projects," noting that "the province supports all its potential projects and programs that see through the development of resources to maintain and rehabilitate the infrastructure."

For his part, President of the Council of the South Lebanese Kaplan said that "his visit and his entourage came for the purpose of viewing the reality of investment and economic situation in the province and discuss the prospects of joint cooperation between the Lebanese side and management of the province," pointing out that "the delegation between what the Lebanese companies in the field of reconstruction in the South Lebanon and the Lebanese side is looking forward to further cooperation in the areas of reconstruction and investment in the province. "

He said Kaplan "We hope to cooperate and work together with the province of Dhi Qar in the field of reconstruction and investment, and we will move our impressions about the atmosphere safe experienced by conservative businessmen, investors and encourage them to come and work in the province in order to be there and to coordinate economic and investment and Amari between southern Lebanon and Iraq, particularly the province of Dhi Qar," stressing that "the depth of the links between southern Lebanon and the Iraqi cities."