:49: 10/22/2014

Khandan -ali Nagy announced the parliamentary Economic Committee, said that the CBI had told her that the currency new cash to be issued by the same group (50 000 dinars) will be written in Arabic and Kurdish. said committee member MP Osman Dosky in a statement to "Khandan" The "Committee hosted During the past two days, the central bank governor on the Keywords, was the debate on the inclusion of the Kurdish language within coins of Iraq, "adding that" Keywords welcomed this idea, and stressed that the new currency, which will be issued soon, with the fifty thousand dinars will be in both Arabic and Kurdish, as well as the rest of the coins which are issued in the future. " He Dosky that "the House of Representatives of the Kurds asked Keywords During the meeting, too, need the opening of branches of the Rafidain and Rasheed provinces of the Kurdistan region, for the purpose of benefiting the staff of the province of advance 100 salary," explaining that "the position of Governor of the Bank was positive about their demand" .