Citizen: Interior Minister committed to reforms ahead will not only change agents and chiefs

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Long-Presse / Baghdad

She bloc led by the citizen Ammar al-Hakim, the new Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban, committed to carry out profound changes will not be limited to the replacement of leaders who bear responsibility for "the destruction of a large" in the security services, but will include the reform plans and measures that were advocated by opponents of Nouri al-Maliki.

The new Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban, Monday, vowed in his first appearances in a press conference last Monday, the elimination of the phenomenon of corruption, which has become a "serious thing" in the ministry, stressing the combat without the "courtesy and favoritism."

The House voted over the weekend, the Bloc candidate Mohammed Badr Ghaban as interior minister, and the candidate of the coalition forces, Khaled al-Obeidi, the Iraqi defense minister.

And tells the MP for the mass citizen Aziz Ugaili details of a meeting with Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban after a vote in the House of Representatives, saying that the new minister vowed to make several changes in the leadership of the interior of the officers, agents and general managers, to eliminate corrupt and manipulators of public money, as an integral part of The new security plan. "

Ugaili says in an interview with the "long" and that the owners of the Interior Ministry exceeds 900 000 numerous security element, a lot of them do not exist any astronauts in their units, making an impact on the work of the ministry in the establishment of security and control in most areas. "

And indicates a leading figure in the Supreme Council, speaking about his meeting with Ghaban that "the interior minister vowed to address these errors that occurred in the previous phase, which includes tracking the files of corruption and corrupt officers as well as officials who oversaw the interior for more than eight years, working on the need to replace them."

And about reconsidering the security plan, which will be followed by the Ministry of Interior for the coming years, illustrates the leading figure in the mass citizen that "plan new interior includes replacement of some of the officers, officials and limit the number of checkpoints and to maintain the vitality of them, as well as focusing on the elements of the intelligence in all areas."

He continues that "part of the new plan, relying on the maintenance of entrances and exits of the city by placing Sitarat integrated security and providing them with cars, sonar and sniffer dogs, as well as the dimensions of some security elements that do not read nor write about the checkpoints."

And speaking member of the Integrity Committee of the size of the rampant corruption in the Interior, saying that "the extent of corruption in the ministry during the last period scary and large, represented by the presence of large numbers of aliens with the prevalence of bribery in all facilities ministry" pointing out that "the corrupt and responded weapons shoddy interior, including explosive devices and other things. "

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee, revealed earlier in the presence of the names of senior officials implicated deal explosives detectors, some works in the Ministry of the Interior. Iraq had bought six thousand sonar device during the period between 2008 and 2010. It was the use of such devices at checkpoints across the country, threatening the security of the civilians and the armed forces.

He Ugaili that "Ghaban will ask the government to change Undersecretary Adnan al-Asadi because of the prevalence of the phenomenon of corruption dramatically in the interior," noting that the issues which pledged the new minister corrected and addressed "to organize the process of importing weapons and equipment after it was marred by a lot of suspicion in the previous government."

He continues that "the distribution of military ranks in the interior (colonel, submitted ....) are sums of money (bribe) to some officials in the ministry, as well as that Alaivadat attest to spend big money without any very little benefit."

It notes that "one of Interior officers promoted from the rank of captain to major general in a period of six years while he needs 16 years to reach this rank, which indicates to the line of pervasive corruption and bribery in this ministry."

He adds that "some officials in the Ministry of the Interior took advantage of public money for electoral reasons by opening offices for the reception of volunteers to the Federal Police to ensure that he receives the highest percentage of electoral votes," adding that the victims were from Spyker volunteers for electoral reasons. "

It stresses that "the appointment of directors or the police commander Major General in the Federal Police, is through bribery and efficiency is not" blaming the ministry full responsibility for the security deterioration taking place in the country because of the prevalence of the phenomenon of corruption. "

Asks Ugaili "How much are the numbers that the same officials are known, in Samawah province during the last election in order to get their voices?".