10/22/2014 five seven

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Criticized the BSA Federal, on Wednesday, the Ministry of Transportation for not completing special projects in the field of railways, and a lack of investment allocations earmarked nearly ideal, as well as the non-availability of spare parts for the maintenance of locomotives and railway lines, with a lack of awareness of the citizen to reduce overtaking them, a proposal to provide feasibility studies and the study of railway lines linking Iraq with neighboring countries, and contracting with companies discreet in this area and to take legal action against companies lagging.

This came in a report prepared by the Office of Federal financial control, to evaluate the performance of the railway sector in the Ministry of Transport, according to a statement to the Court, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it.

The court said, that "evaluating the performance of the Ministry of Transport in the field of railways, a person numerous constraints experienced by the sector, especially non-completion of projects contracted within the investment plan, and lack of investment allocations earmarked nearly perfect," noting that "the highest rate of implementation of the fiscal years 2004-2013 , reached 60 percent in 2006, as well as contracting with companies that are not specialized and poor planning in the process of inclusion of projects in the investment plan, and the unavailability of spare parts for the maintenance of locomotives and railway lines with no awareness of the citizen to reduce trespassing on railway lines. "

The proposed Office of Financial Supervision, in his "package of proposals to address the situation of the sector, including the provision of feasibility studies and develop plans studied to connect the lines Railway Iraq with neighboring countries and contracting with companies discreet in this area and to take legal action against companies lagging," and urged the need to "engage employees in training courses in addition to educating citizens not to encroach upon the railway lines, and take legal action against the squatters. "

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Transport, Ezzat in, (the 19th of April 2014), not to run a number of railway lines modern, to the neighborhoods of past in the various governorates of Iraq, while indicated that they filed complaints to the provincial councils about it, promised that the survival of those excesses will hinder the implementation of many projects, including the railway line the port of Umm Qasr.

The railway company of Iraq, announced (12 May 2013), the determination of Iraq rebuilding the system rail network along the lines of development in the field of oil and other sectors, and stressed that the revival system railway will contribute to "the unity of the country", as indicated cost These projects will reach 60 billion dollars, has shown that there are obstacles facing the development process.

And suffer large parts of the rail network present in Iraq from obsolescence and malfunction signaling systems and communications, leading to lower velocities operational them to low levels and endangering the safety of passengers and goods to the danger, and it has been the direct rehabilitate these lines for the purpose of upgradation while being worked on double lines single to increase capacity and ensure a greater level of safety.

The Iraq of the leading countries in the use of transport by rail in the region thanks to its large network covers large parts of the country, and the first train was steered in Iraq was in June 1914.