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    post exchange question

    So confused Could someone please explain what "double dipping" is. I was told its illegal but from what I can tell that's not true. Will we be able to buy more currency post exchange?

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    Re: post exchange question

    "Double Dipping" is not technically illegal but refers to a practice that some "Intel Gurus" believe is going on with so called "whales", or people that are getting preferential treatment in that they are already being able to exchange their dinar at some made up rate that the gurus are promoting, then turning around and using the money from this cash-in to buy more dinar at the 1166 rate, thus making incredible profit. This is so bogus its laughable that some people actually believe it is going on. There is no one cashing in at an RV'd value, hidden or otherwise. The gurus will claim it is not being seen because the people doing it have to sign an non-disclosure agreement, so there is conveniently no way to prove or disprove what they are saying. As to being able to do this post RV, the answer is no. We will only cash out once the RV takes place, this includes everyone, even the already rich. So once the RV takes place, you will exchange your dinar for whatever currency you need where you live at the new exchange rate. If you want to buy more dinar after that, you can, only it would be at the new rate also, without the chance of a huge profit like we are hoping for by buying it before the rate change. So, buy what you can now, and be glad you were "in the know". I hope this explanation helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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