" The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 12 September 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 12 September 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 12 September 2014

    Today is day four of victory in the eviction of Maliki or " VEM - Day 4 ".


    The Iraqi parliament adjourned its session till next Tuesday September 16, 2014.

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    Interview with President Fuad Masum

    Friday 12 September 2014 - 12:05

    Infallible: HE decides to delete the word from his official title and confirms there is no need for the existence of three deputies to the President of the Republic

    Preoccupied with President Fuad Masum more of an issue, after a marathon forming a new government headed by Haidar al-Abadi, who near where President infallible views some of the parties in order to support mission-Abadi in accelerating the development of the cabinet reshuffle, is working today to put perceptions about the monthly meetings combine the three presidencies, Parliament , and the Republic, and the ministers, with their deputies and heads of political parties and blocs of trading in order to overcome obstacles, to devote himself thereafter to conduct interviews with writers, journalists, university professors and civil society organizations.

    President infallible initiated since the beginning of the meeting that it decided to delete the description (HE), and to maintain the definition of Title (the President), the belief that «Atakim titles to people, but that their actions are assigned to exciting permanent. In his first interview after the formation of the government of the means of information, across the Middle East at his residence in Baghdad for optimism for the success of the new government, describing it a success.

    The following is the text of the interview:

    * House of Representatives to grant confidence to the government of Dr. Haider Abadi, a few days ago, you came caesarean birth of this government?
    - In a country like Iraq In such circumstances, it must be the government with a broad base, and a government with a broad base lined problems, each party wants to side with the government program to him, and considered arguments of the most important priorities, and each one wants to add points here and there, and if the program Government is a party program, while any government formed must be put in front of their eyes key points. In Iraq, our priorities must agree upon, namely: the fight against terrorism and to unify the positions of terrorism, and interest in services, and the reorganization of the army and security apparatus. All of these things are interlinked with each other. And the obstacles faced by the formation of the government is that each party wants represented in the cabinet reshuffle, even up the situation to hit fifths in sixths within the percentage, but in the situation in Iraq to see that it must raise the ratio to 200 per cent to ensure requests for representation in the government, this is always There are many difficulties with the formation of a new cabinet, and lead to some problems, as happened the night of the vote on the government in the parliament, where verbal altercations and disagreements, but in the end the government was formed, and this is the most important achievement. It is true that some ministries have remained vacant, and can this public interest, but it does not mean this to be assigned these ministries to the prime minister .. must be agreed to be assigned to them bags security holders competence, and must make sure that, as the ministries of defense and internal issue is not easy at all .. and will be named ministers during the week and possibly two weeks.

    * You shoot, with the majority of politicians, recipe «change» to this government, see where the change is that with many of the names of the ministers remained as it is?

    - Change the ICON Names and people, the government is determined to be a policy consistent with the fact that we are in, and the head of the government and most of its members who met them and Naqsthm and grandmother optimistic about the successful work of this government, and we should try to support in order to succeed, and with the formation of the government of the tasks of the parties political, but some parties wish to intrusive in order to move the process forward.

    * There are those that you commonly you just around the corner from mandated Nuri al-Maliki to form a government and to stay in office for a third term, what the truth of this matter?
    - If you want to assign Brother Maliki you did that on the first day when he was chosen president of the republic and my performance was sworn in in the House of Representatives. Maliki and my friend and our relationship is good, but certainly nothing personal relationship, and to consult with others and the public interest is something else.

    * How do you see the position of the Kurdish and non-attendance of Ministers of the Kurds by giving confidence to the government in the parliament?
    - Kurds in general have suffering with the federal government earlier, for example, when it cut Baghdad dues for Erbil and deprived the staff there from their salaries, and I was a member of the House of Representatives and informed officials in Baghdad and told them to Atatkaddoa that you if you did it would begin spring Kurd in the Kurdistan Region, and will be demonstrations and will attack the headquarters of the Government of the Territory .. but on the contrary, the memory of the Kurdish remember directly history of dealing bad governments with the Iraqi Kurds will say the Kurdish people that this government (former) is also not different from its predecessors in harm to the Kurdish people, so there was a need for further discussion between the parties Kurdish Before agreeing to participate in this government, and this is their right. But the result of the Kurds decided to participate in this government, and to provide support with some of the points agreed upon by the Kurdish parties.

    Participated within the conditions and guarantees?

    - Yes supposed to be this, there are no guarantees, political and moral, and the right of everyone; Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, who participates in the government to demand guarantees, but Anni guarantees section comply with these guarantees, no, but agreement on the government program and the mechanism for implementation of the program, and some points You need a time limit for the implementation of this point or that, and there are points you need to 6 months to achieve them and the other does not only need weeks, and when we see that there is a seriousness in the implementation of the program, there will be a breakthrough general situation and will generate confidence between the parties, and this is necessary, and the confidence to not come to the promises only, but practical steps, then that total, some need some, any component Aastrk in the government, would be incomplete, so it is the duty of any government to listen to the suffering of any component and is working to remove this suffering, and I think that this government will succeed.

    * Do you find it necessary to have the Vice President of the Republic 3; Two of them, Ayad Allawi and Nouri al-Maliki, who were prime ministers, and the third, Osama Najafi, was president of the Parliament?
    - This law put in the House of Representatives of 2011 President of the Republic does not need to 3 deputies, can he need one deputy, but as long as the government in Iraq is formed on the basis of the ingredients and the consensus, the law took into account the representation of the political blocs, and only in the fact there is no need for the existence of 3 Vice-Presidents. Earlier, there were three vice-presidents of the republic, and pulled Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and submitted his resignation because of the pressure of public opinion and the reference.

    * Limited powers of the President according to the Constitution, what should he do? 3 deputies
    - The president's powers are limited and unlimited, points written in the Constitution, and stated that it was not his powers as well, as well, but the most important functions is to protect the Constitution, and the validity of a comprehensive for almost everything; Protection of the Constitution that penetrates, and the neglect of its articles, and not to be interpreted according to the whims, This is a big job, and I am determined to maintain the Constitution.

    * Now that the government has been formed, what your priorities as President of the Republic?
    - Follow-up work of the government and to provide advice to its members, and Asnadehm in their duties, and there are a number of proposals we offer, most notably with regard to national reconciliation, and we need that reconciliation between the components of the Iraqi people, on the one hand, and between the political parties on the other hand, this very important issue, and we must start by Now, there is a proposal that there be a monthly meeting between the three presidencies and their deputies; Republic and the parliament and the cabinet, as well as with the leaders of political blocs to consult in the course of things and to address any defect emergency, and this is very important. There are also plans for the attention of the media and the cultural sphere and the social aspects and universities .. I mean we will develop plans to meet with Iraqi intellectuals, writers, journalists and university professors and civil society organizations, and work to restore balance to balance deranged.

    * You talked earlier in the dialogue of the Middle East for the formation of the Council of the Supreme policies, you will be achieved?
    - That's what I meant to meet monthly between the three presidencies and their deputies and leaders of political blocs, but does not necessarily mean the formation of laws and administrative organization specific.

    * What about the Paris Conference for Iraq?
    - Almost been rescheduled next week, and this conference came at the invitation of French President Francois Hollande, in order to fight «Daash» and supporting Iraq in the face of threats of terrorism, and will be attended by the European Union and the United States will be invited to the regional states neighboring Iraq, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE , Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey and Iran. The threat «Daash» Aahdd to Iraq only, but all the countries of the region, but it has not been determined whether it will be representation on the level of heads of republics or heads of government.

    * Do you think that Iraq is capable of repairing what has been vandalized in its relations with the Arab countries?
    - To be so, our task with neighboring Arab countries and with all the Arab states, and with the League of Arab States .. must open a new page and reset problems.

    * The former Iraqi president refuses to ratify the implementation of the death penalty and was deputy approves of these sanctions, what about you?
    - The death penalty prescribed in the constitution, on the other hand the issue of the loss of the spirit of a very difficult process for me, and the current conditions in Iraq do not allow the suspension of the death penalty, how can tolerance with the assassin claimed the intentionally lives of innocent citizens, or with the killer of children, these must be punished, and I will be precise and very Mitritha in the study files on death row, and will not put my signature to ascertain that only after the legal aspects of the case took a full and fulfilled dimensions judiciary, has resorted to the same method adopted by President Talabani.



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    Finance parliamentary calls for the government not to merge Almoisntin for [2014.2015

    Finance parliamentary calls for the government not to merge Almoisntin for [2014.2015]

    Friday, 12 September / September 2014 12:49

    [Baghdad where]

    Student member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Haider Mutlaq al-Kaabi, the government, not to merge Almoisntin Almaleiten for 2014 and 2015 and re-balancing in 2014 to the House of Representatives for approval.

    He told all of Iraq [where] "can not be merged Almoisntin, and we are in the final months of 2014 and the government re-budget to parliament for approval during the sessions near the House of Representatives."

    He added, "the Office of Financial Supervision of the Iraqi state to provide the final accounts for the year 2013 and not to repeat the mistakes of the past in order to preserve public money.

    The former finance minister and purity of net debt agency had announced during a parliament session hosted in a deficit in the draft budget for the year 2014 of $ 32 trillion dinars.

    It is said that the Budget Committee was elected temporary in its meeting held in the House of Representatives Saturday a member of the Interim Committee Magda al-Tamimi, head of the Ha.anthy 14

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    The Central Bank issued a new 10,000 dinar

    The Central Bank issued a new 10,000 dinar

    on September 12, 2014 at 9:56 am /


    The Central Bank announced a new paper from the 10,000 dinar for trading in Iraqi markets, stressing that the citizen can easily obtained.

    The Bank said in a statement Thursday that the new paper ten thousand dinars today officially launched trading in domestic markets ", stating that" the new paper will eliminate the paper work of the ten thousand antique and will continue trading as normal ".

    The Bank said in its earlier statement "that the new paper carried certain changes, including changing the image of the Arab world, al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham to the freedom monument, was also amended to Gregorian and Hijri dates 2014 1435 e, as well as the new paper will carry the signature of the Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank official Abdel Basset Turki Saeed"

    The Central Bank of Iraq was announced in August last year to the end of last month will put up his ten thousand dinars of new mantle, and among the oldest of the ten thousand posts will not be pulled out of the Iraqi market, said other groups of Iraqi currency will put new forms respectively until the end of the year.

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    Kurdistan Alliance: Government Abadi success depends on resolving the security minist

    Kurdistan Alliance: Government Abadi success depends on resolving the security ministries

    September 12, 2014

    BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))

    Kurdistan Alliance stressed that the success of the Government of Abadi depends on resolving the issue of the ministries of defense, interior and distancing them from sectarian and partisan orientations.

    A member of the coalition Najiba Najib told ((eighth day)) that Abadi in confidence put him on very important issues about the formation of a government efficiency, professional and on the basis of the CVs of the candidates for the ministries away from quotas and partisanship.

    And we lit and in spite of everything good in Ntosm Abadi that could resolve the issue of the defense and interior ministries, which caused left them vacant for the past four years, a senior security vacuum ". (AA) (H.r)

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    Abadi apologize from attending the Paris Conference.

    BREAKING NEWS. Abadi apologize from attending the Paris Conference.

    BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi apologized in a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande: "for the invitation made by Holland to attend the International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq which is scheduled to be held in Paris next Monday, for being occupied in security file and naming security ministers.

    For his part, Hollande said : " We support Iraq in its war against terrorism, and we made four shipments of military equipment to Baghdad.


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    Re: Abadi apologize from attending the Paris Conference.

    Will the New Oil Minister in Baghdad Break the Deadlock with Erbil?

    Adil Abdul Mahdi, the new Iraqi oil minister.

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Adil Abdul-Mahdi, oil minister in Iraq’s new government, enjoys good relations with the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that could be instrumental in solving serious oil and other rows, officials say.

    US and UN representatives reportedly assured Kurdish negotiators that no opponents of Kurdish rights would be allowed office in the new Iraqi government, as an incentive for the Kurds to join the administration in Baghdad.

    It is widely expected that Abdul-Mahdi could use his ties with the Kurds to break the longstanding deadlock between the KRG and Baghdad, which exacerbated under the former prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, over oil contracts and revenues.

    Some observers say Abdul-Mahdi has been a compromising figure within the Shiite alliance and could successfully resume the halted negotiations over oil production and revenues.

    Nonetheless, he seems to be faced with formidable -- if not impossible – challenges, since the KRG has declared it wants both to produce its own oil and sell it internationally, which Baghdad has called illegal and tried to stop.

    A key task for the new oil ministry is to restore the trust of the international oil companies that were disenchanted by the existing bureaucratic system in Iraq, which constantly delayed implementation of their signed contracts.

    The tedious paperwork in southern Iraq has been a source of frustration for many companies. Some international corporations, such as Italy’s ENI, have threatened to terminate their contracts and leave Iraq all together.

    Abdul-Mahdi, who is a prominent member of the Islamic High Council, has held a number of positions so far, including finance minister and vice president.

    “He’s a man of negotiation and can be trusted,” says Mithal al-Alusi, an independent Iraqi MP. “He could build the best of bridges between Baghdad and Erbil.”


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    Mishan al-Jubouri announce the receipt of an invitation from the President of the Par

    Mishan al-Jubouri announce the receipt of an invitation from the President of the Parliament to be sworn in

    Thu Sep 11 2014 22:26 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Sumerian News / Salahuddin

    A member of the Arab coalition in Salahuddin province, Mishan al-Jubouri, on Thursday, he received an invitation from House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, to attend the hearing next Tuesday to be sworn in as deputy in the House of Representatives.

    Jubouri said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Head of the House of Representatives approved the request of the president of a coalition of Arab in Salah al-Din, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri, which ensures that served his seat in the House of Representatives after choosing a minister in the government of Haider Abadi ".

    The Jubouri that "a number of members of the House of Representatives tried to object to this decision, but the President of the Council did not agree to their request and asked me to come to a hearing next Tuesday to be sworn in as a member of the Iraqi parliament."

    The House voted on Monday (September 8, 2014), to give confidence to the Government of Haider Abadi, with the exception of some ministries, notably security, and pledged Abadi submit their candidates during a period not exceeding seven days, and became Ahmed al-Jubouri, within the cab of government and the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs.

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    ISIS’s impact on investing in Iraq

    Sep 11, 2014

    ISIS’s impact on investing in Iraq

    Northern Gulf Partners Bartle Bull on investing in Iraq.

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    Defense: Military Intelligence confirms death of three of the most prominent leaders

    Defense: Military Intelligence confirms death of three of the most prominent leaders in Mosul Daash

    11/09/2014 13:09

    Ministry of Defence announced that military intelligence confirmed the deaths of three of the most prominent leaders of the organization "Daash" in the district of Mosul Baaj.

    The ministry said in a statement that the military intelligence confirms death of three of the most prominent leaders of the strike Daash hawks on the air combine them in a circle souls spend Baaj Mosul.

    The Ministry added that these leaders are Okasha Baghdadi and Adnan Khudair, Ali Mohammed and Ali Mohamed Hayr, noting that hawks air and information to military intelligence directing four strokes for gatherings Daash in areas Mahlbbh and north of Mosul, and their losses in lives and equipment.

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