Lone Survivor of ISIS Spiecher Massacre
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Thread: Lone Survivor of ISIS Spiecher Massacre

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    Lone Survivor of ISIS Spiecher Massacre


    I've seen a video purportedly of the lone survivor of the massacre. On its face, the video tells the story of a young man, who for the sake of his young wife and two children, joined the Iraqi military to support his family. His story is that shortly thereafter his group was overwhelmed by the fear of ISIS and pretty much just threw up their hands and let themselves be taken. He said they went willingly because ISIS lied to them, saying they had not "come for them", but were taking them to safety (so to speak).


    He tells how he lay on his face, hands tied, as the men around him were shot in the head. He doesn't know where the bullet went that was fired at his head, but he lay there faking death until darkness fell, then made his escape, hands tied behind his back.

    The video uses photos of the dead where he identifies a slender man laying on his face, hands tied, and says that is the picture of him on the ground. He goes on to say he made his way for some days, and was trying to cross a river, when he discovered an wounded man in the water. The man was too weak to stand, and apparently to far gone to help, but the man was able to use a clam shell to cut the tethers off this fellows hands.

    He claims the dying man blessed him and sent him on his way. It would take considerable effort to cut off those tethers using a clam shell, and if its true I'd say that man had some amazing coincidences that helped him survive and might be divine intervention as well.

    It could be that the men, hopeless and knowing death was assured, were indeed caught by camera blaming Maliki. It could also be this survivor is truly exhonerating Maliki. My first instinct was to be thankful he made it home to his wife and children. But there's just something that keeps scratching on the inside of me that this is a put up job orchestrated by Maliki and down the road we may hear more of it.

    I'd be interested in your take on the video. I do not find it as gorey as many things we have seen on the news, but there is blood and some people being killed, so viewer discretion is advised, and if you are extremely sensitive just read other peoples comments and avoid looking at the video.

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    Re: Lone Survivor of ISIS Spiecher Massacre


    I will check into this today. I read the story - I just couldn't see where it let Maliki off the hook in any way...

    In fact, read a little into it and you can see - at best - it is Maliki's incompetence that caused all of this - at worst...he called a genocidal wave of terror on his own Shias for his personal, political gains...

    Pretty grim either way


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