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    Tlar I am truly sorry to say there is a potential delay that just came up. The Iraqi's have been asked to hold the RV for a few days. This won't set well with the Iraqi's but they will take tonight to figure out whether they will hold on not. I should get better clarification in the morning. Again I am so sorry to have to tell you this but I just got the word. If there is a delay it won't be long.

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    Thank you Johnsoos

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    I rather see Iraq get their government' in order and right, If not our young men and woman will face not afar off having to put their boots on the ground.
    I can't help but to wonder TLar? are they being instructed to delay for the magic number 9/9/2014=25 or 2+5=7?????


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    Tlar; i just want to thank you for your intel and sharing it with us keep up the great work !!!

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