In my last post I was chastised for being too negative and frustrated with nothing better to do. For my part all I am trying to put across is the fact that clearly there are other sites/guru's who say they are in the know and that the RV is ready to happen any day now. Please be clear I am NOT a guru. I undertake a lot of research and have direct contact with 2 brothers who are currency dealers who of course in turn have, I would like to say high level but let's just say good, contacts. I have researched and found that no matter what we all think and believe to be as true as it can, it is not quite as we see. What we are told seems legal, decent, honest and truthful but sadly we need to read and understand it from the Iraqi mentality.
Here are my thoughts from my research and Iraqi understanding. Maliki will not go no matter what we read. His party will back him to the very end. No amount of voting which just will not happen for a good time now will achieve anything. He controls the army and judges and even the army generals will not move against him as this will cause a civil war to erupt. Just look how long it took last time and this time they are dealing, or M cases, not, with a nutter. They all know he has lost the plot and does not care a jot for his people. What's to be done??? I offer no reasoning and even my contentions out don't know what's next and that clearly says something. I am NOT a negative guy and not a guru just a person who is also desperate for this to happen and need it as much as the next person.