If Kurds no show - will session be invalidated?
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Thread: If Kurds no show - will session be invalidated?

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    If Kurds no show - will session be invalidated?

    Question from OOTW articles are out that kurds won't show - that the Kurdish PM has asked them not to show to the next session - The Kurds are reported to hold approximately 60 - 65 seats. An article came out Sunday, stating that the National Coalition has 179 seats. Combine this with the MP's who didn't show to be sworn in, first session - which leaves us with a total, for now, of about 255 seats (I may be off on this) - the main question I want to know is IF this rumor is true, and the Kurds won't be in parliament come Sunday - will this dissolve or invalidate this next session, in any way? What is your best guess on this, BGG. Thank you!!!

    BGG I'm sure you're aware of this - I'm posting for others:

    From the Iraqi Constitution:

    Article (59):

    First, achieved a quorum for sessions of the House of Representatives in the presence of an absolute majority of its members.
    Second, decisions are taken at the meetings of the House of Representatives by a simple majority after quorum is achieved, unless stated otherwise.
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