Do you find yourself thinking, albeit for a second, that you have wasted a good part of your life chasing this dream of total financial security? You log into this site daily anticipating this event only to find that the news is not what it was yesterday. How come? I thought things were looking great for this day or that day, this window or that window? Why didn't it happen? So you wait for BGG, MD, Mr. White, scz11 or ANYONE to bring you news that will energize that feeling of knowing that the money you spent on dinar is justified. Then there are those outside newshounds like Tlar, Kaperoni and Randy Koonce who bring their opinions that sound like they parallel the other news brought in. Their comments also excite and depress you at the same time. Yes, you get back on that rollercoaster you vowed never to get on again. Why? Because you NEED that confirmation that your decision to buy is justified.

Logging into this site is a daily ritual and has been for years. You may visit other sites just in case something was missed by this site. You find familiar names here. People with the same urgent need for money to pay for things that are breaking down or friends and family that need medical bills payed etc.. You commiserate with these people most of the day or until you absolutely have to go to work. You get home and rush to the computer to log in, or you never even logged out, so that when you get home the site is already up and ready for you. You look at the clock and tell yourself that you need to eat or feed that animals or feed that kids, and you rush back to the computer for the evening news with MD. Hoping that she will bring ANY news that will make that feeling of hope come back. Or you scour the logs gulping down articles and trying to make sense of what the hell these articles mean.

That roller coaster ride is addictive and you just cannot go a day without it. You wont admit it to anyone that that is exactly how your life has been since you bought your dinar. The only reason you get off the ride is because the site is closing down for the evening or your spouse/kids pulls you away. Your inner self tells you that you have to stop this insanity, but you just cant. It continues every day, day after day after day. You have to ask yourself, "how long will I let myself let this event dictate my life"? Some say until it does re-value, that they are not going to give up. Deep down though that is the question that is haunting you and you know it!!!! It is undeniable, I don't care how much faith you have, you will always question it.

Can Iraq survive without an RV in the next 5 months? Sure, why not? We don't want them too, but they can and could. Most here think they understand these people that hold our future in their hands, but I assure you most of us do not. We hear things but quickly dismiss them because we are focused on the end game. Well the end game may not come when you need it to the most.

Do what you need to do to stop letting this "thing" run your life on a daily basis. Get off this site or others for at least a couple of days. Live your life!!!!! Do not count on this happening when you want it too. It will when it is time, and not before.