" The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 14 June 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 14 June 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 14 June 2014

    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + FORTY FOUR ( 44 ) or " E - M DAY + 44 "


    " ..... despite the superiority of Maliki’s electoral coalition, the competing Shiite forces, the Kurds and the Sunnis, are together able to form a comfortable majority to prevent Maliki from remaining in office. "...................... Maliki likely fears that if he rushes to do business with parties outside the Shiite alliance, his Shiite rivals would do the same and that they may have a better chance to win over the Kurdish and Sunni forces, because there is a general consensus among them to not keep Maliki in power.

    At the same time, the rest of the Shiite groups fear that this consensus is not solid enough to withstand discussing the details, and that going alone to the Kurdish and Sunni forces may put them in a weak bargaining position and make them appear responsible for breaking Shiite unity.

    An important factor here are the choices that the Sunni and Kurdish forces will make. If the Sunnis and Kurds rush to form ethnic and sectarian alliances, then the Shiite alliance may do the same.

    Some are proposing scenarios such as replacing Maliki with another figure from the State of Law Coalition as a compromise to ensure the continuation of the Shiite alliance. Yet, such a solution may come at a later stage, after the favored options by most parties have been exhausted. What is certain now is that a harsh negotiating season will begin as the conflict moves from its electoral aspect into the closed negotiating rooms and deals among the elite. - from al Monitor

    Generally, all are " waiting for the National Alliance to name its candidate, formally , to start negotiate with him. "

    MP: The National Alliance has not raised a figure for the post of head the next government so far 07/06/2014 10:03:00



    Commission suggest the completion of the audit appeals "after a week" and ruled out any "significant changes" in the results

    Mon Jun 09 2014 19:55 | (Voice of Iraq)



    Liberals expect to delay ratification of the election results for the granting of the blocks "enough time" to negotiate

    Tue Jun 10 2014 05:30 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah

    I expected the Liberal bloc, on Monday, to press some of the political blocs on the Electoral Commission to defer action on the "electoral appeals" in front of it to make way for the completion of negotiations to form the next government.

    This suggested to the circles of political asylum to a breach of the blocks first meeting quorum to circumvent the "open meeting" that prevented the Federal Court, and gain more time to negotiate.

    In the meantime, an election expert confirmed the absence of regulations, the Office of the State "time limit" to decide appeals made ​​by the winning blocs, revealing the arrival of a large number of them to the Commission.
    And provided the political blocs on May 4, dropped its complaints past results as provided by the laws of the Commission, and timed out after 10 days to appeal. And wait for the political parties to ratify the final results for the start of their negotiations Avenue, but it faces a critical timings in which oblige them to hold the first meeting 10 days after the ratification of the results, and to prevent the Federal Court's "open meeting" which was used to him after the 2010 elections.

    Bright says Naji, a spokesman for the Liberal bloc parliamentary, that "after the ratification of the election results is imperative for the presidency call for the convening of the new parliament to choose a major and Parliament of the Republic."

    Added Naji "long" that "this call to be during the period of 15 days may be extended to 15 days and the other only once is extendable thereafter be selected major and his deputies and Parliament of the Republic in the first session chaired by the oldest member."

    Article 54 of the Constitution states that "The President of the Republic, the Council of Representatives to convene by a presidential decree within fifteen days from the date of approval of the results of the general election, and the meeting will be held under the chairmanship of the oldest member, to elect a president and two deputies, may not be extended for more than the previously mentioned period" .

    On the steps expected for after the ratification of the results, explains MP for the Liberal bloc said that "scenarios formation of the current government are different from what happened in 2010 to the presence of a decision of the Federal Court which prevents the parliamentary session open to it baseless legal or constitutional," noting that "the Federal Court shut down the road in front of the political blocs if it wants to resort to the open meeting. "

    He favored bright MP Naji said that "the political blocs and the winner will resort to powerful pressure on the judiciary and the Electoral Commission to postpone the ratification of the election results until the completion of transactions forming the next government and the distribution of positions among themselves."

    Asked whether there was a "time limit" to decide appeals filed about the election results, says Naji, "according to the rules and regulations of the Commission is to decide appeals during the period of ten days, and then approved by the Federal Court."

    In the same context, predicted political circles spoke of the "long" to "turn the political blocs to prejudice quorum call after the first meeting of the presidency to them."

    She spoke circles about the "existence of an agreement semi-final to go to the first session, if there is no agreement on the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc, after inviting the presidency and then breach the quorum Parliament to circumvent the ban on open meeting by the Federal Court," and drew circles that "scenario breach of quorum for the first session will allow all parties to take the time to negotiate the shape of the next government. "

    In this regard, confirms Adil al-Lami, an expert in electoral affairs, said that "the Iraqi constitution includes loose ends did not address the issue of prejudice to the legal quorum for the first meeting."

    Explains Lami, in an interview for the "long", "The previous regulations of the Commission had to decide appeals during the period of ten days from the submission and then approved by the Federal Court," adding that "the current regulations do not specify a time limit specified for deciding appeals."



    The resolution of appeals election and send the names to the Federal

    Thu Jun 12 2014 01:07 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad - morning

    Announced the Electoral Commission for elections to resolve appeals to the judiciary election by political entities to participate in the elections of the Iraqi parliament in 2014. According to a statement issued by the Vice-President of the Board of Commissioners Kata Zobaie, received "morning," a copy of it, yesterday, that "the judiciary, electoral competent to hear appeals made ​​by political entities and candidates participating in the elections of the Iraqi parliament in 2014, has completed its consideration and resolved, "he said, adding that it amounted to 893 appeals." The Commission will send the names of the winning candidates to the Federal Court on Thursday for approval once and for all. "The Office Elections announced last Wednesday sent 893 special appeal the results of the elections for the House of Representatives and 28 appeal the results of the last elections to the Kurdistan region of the judiciary and electoral issue by the Supreme Judicial Council, whose decisions are final and binding on the Electoral Commission.


    [A member of a coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod The conspiracy that took place in the city of Mosul will not pass without the expense, noting that the military operations taking place in some cities do not affect the date of the formation of the government.


    * Courtesy of sczin11 *

    Sunday, June 15th, 2014 20:58

    Legal: forming the next government will not take more than two months

    BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. saw legal analyst, on Sunday that once the Federal Court approval on the results of the parliamentary elections will form the next government, expected to be formed within two months.

    He said legal analyst Tariq Harb said in an interview with / Baghdadi News /, that "the formation of the next government will not take more than two months," adding, that "everyone is awaiting the approval of the Federal Court on the results of the elections, which will be announced during the next two days." He added, "The first session of the House of Representatives will be the end of June or the first of next July," noting, that it is "as soon as the issuance of a presidential decree on the Vice President of the Republic calls its new deputies to hold a meeting in the House of Representatives." He continued, the war that "the real political movement will begin after the swearing in of constitutional Algesh first to the House of Representatives," adding, "The election of the Speaker of the House and the President of the Republic in the second session of the House of Representatives."

    He noted, that "the person's choice of prime minister will be the largest parliamentary bloc in the number of seats in the House of Representatives, which will select the president."
    He explained, legal analyst said that "as soon as the formation of the Council of Ministers and presented to the House of Representatives to give him confidence're not finished forming all sections of the government," and he predicted that "the current circumstances faced by the government is not Kalzerov they were in the parliamentary elections of 2010."
    The previous parliamentary elections which were held on 7 / March 2010 to form her government took more than eight months until 17 / November 2010.

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    Tut and approve the new parliament to declare a state of emergency in the country

    Tut and approve the new parliament to declare a state of emergency in the country

    MP Alexander and berries

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    Author: Editor: hl reporter: ayNumber of readings: 117

    06/14/2014 12:52

    Tomorrow's Press / Baghdad: Expect vice chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Iskandar and berries, Saturday, to give the government the mandate of the new parliament to declare a state of emergency in the country.
    Said Tut's "Tomorrow's Press," that "after the failure of the current parliament, giving the government the powers of security and wide to stave off the deterioration of security experienced by some areas of the country than expected and in accordance with the new alliances to give the new parliament next government Tovid full powers to security wider, including declaring a state of emergency, if security situation continues as it is, without a positive evolution of security. "
    And between Tut that "there is overwhelming consensus of most of the blocks to prevent sedition and drive the terrorists and this can only be achieved through a law that allows the government to exercise acts of security and wide to enable them to expel terrorist groups by all means security available and identified by law and international custom, without overtaking them in any way" .
    He and berries that "the current situation requires a serious stand not only from the government alone, but of the political blocs because terrorism knows no political or debate or the law or the Constitution will make Iraq a subsidiary of orientations so must everyone to be present and supportive of each step expel terrorism from the country."
    The organization Daash may impose its control over the northern city of Mosul, the center of the province of Nineveh, (405 km north of Baghdad), on June 10, 2014, and seized the security headquarters where the airport, and was released thousands of detainees, which led to he married hundreds of thousands of families of the city to neighboring regions and the Kurdistan region, also extended Activity Daash to Salahuddin and Kirkuk.


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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 14 June 2014

    "A member of a coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod The conspiracy that took place in the city of Mosul will not pass without the expense, noting that the military operations taking place in some cities do not affect the date of the formation of the government".

    This guy is from maliki's coalition, and calls Mosul a "conspiracy"......Also will not effect timing of formation of new GOI. You've got to like this

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    Looting $ 425 million from the central bank in Mosul

    Looting $ 425 million from the central bank in Mosul
    14 June 2014 | 11:04

    DUBAI (Agencies):
    After the takeover of militants to organize and local insurgents on the city of Mosul, Iraq's second city and the center of the province of Nineveh, seized regulation - according to the governor of Nineveh - to 425 million dollars from the central bank in Mosul, also looted militants «Daash» local banks and took them to the huge amounts of money and large amounts of gold bullion, according to Western reports.According to expert analysis of the «Daash» pat on the top of the list of international terrorist groups, more affluent Although, of course, the absence of reliable information about the wealth and assets of these groups. These analyzes estimated wealth Taliban about 400 million dollars, which is progressing so the Colombian FARC, which has a wealth of 350 million dollars, while Hezbollah has 200 million dollars, while the Somali Youth Vtqarb wealth of $ 100 million.
    While al-Qaeda came from among the poorest of these organizations are only $ 30 million, according to the American Council on Foreign Relations.

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    The Kurdistan Alliance with the government and the Iraqi army to fight ISIS

    The Kurdistan Alliance with the government and the Iraqi army to fight ISIS

    14/06/2014 11:30:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahma Khalil said that "his alliance is with the government and the army in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)".

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the risks in the country do not target a certain city or component but is targeting all Iraqis without exception", stressing, "His alliance is supporting the armed forces to defeat terrorism and rid Iraqi cities from remnants of ISIS".

    He pointed out that "the noble Religious Authority's call to the people to volunteer to protect the country is an evidence of the unity of the Iraqi people to fight terrorism."

    It is mentioned that the representative of the Supreme religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai had demanded citizens who can volunteer to take up arms and join the army to defend the country against terrorist attack.



    Note : " If Maliki wants to try to strike a partnership with the Kurds instead -- probably the most realistic alternative at present-- he will find that they have already secured much of what they want on their own. The only things Maliki would have left to offer are more generous payments to the Kurdish armed forces out of the central government’s coffers and painful compromises on the independence of the Kurdish oil sector. " http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...une-2014/page3


    Comment : I wonder how such a ” partnership ” can be implemented to the satisfaction of the Kurds given the timing and circumstances. I doubt that any promise(s) by Maliki are reliable in the eyes of the Kurds or whether Maliki can actually deliver upon any such promises ?
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    China hopes to achieve stability in Iraq

    China hopes to achieve stability in Iraq

    14/06/2014 12:57:00

    A spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chun

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Hua Chun Ying against the backdrop of the recent violence witnessed by Iraq, "said China hopes to restore peace there as soon as.
    The spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chun-ying in a news conference, "The Chinese government supports the Iraqi government's efforts to protect the security and stability," adding that "the Chinese government attaches great importance to the security of Chinese citizens and Chinese entities and their legitimate rights in Iraq."
    Has asked the Chinese Embassy in Baghdad, the Iraqi side to take effective measures to protect the Chinese residing in Iraq.
    The Chinese Foreign Ministry has advised its nationals in Iraq to stay away from areas of conflict and proposed a plan to travel from there to postpone their plans, pledging to continue the ministry and embassy to monitor the situation closely and to take all necessary measures to protect its nationals in Iraq.
    This was the gunmen to regulate Islamic countries in Iraq and the Levant Daash had taken control on Tuesday, Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq after days of clashes with security forces of the army and police, while dominated by elements Daash on the Turkish consulate in Mosul and kidnapped its crew diplomat on Wednesday.


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    Re: Tut and approve the new parliament to declare a state of emergency in the country

    I can't believe that the new parliament will follow through with the "mandate" from the chairman to vote for SOE....But anything is possible

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    Turkish banks closed their branches in Iraq

    Turkish banks closed their branches in Iraq


    Said Executive Director, on Friday, the Agricultural Bank and the Bank of Esch's two largest banks in Turkey, stopped temporarily their operations in Baghdad because of security concerns, after being detained militants in the north dozens of Turkish citizens hostage. Urged top Shi'ite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, his followers to take up arms and to defend themselves in the face of progress Sunni militants, and that's a dangerous escalation of the conflict, which threatens the outbreak of civil war - according to Reuters - and said the chief executive who asked not to be named, said staff at the Branch Agricultural Bank's largest banks Turkey were given a holiday, but the bank will evaluate the situation again next week. said one of the officials, the Bank ish largest listed bank in the country closed its branch in Baghdad until June 19, and the Bank ish office was opened in Baghdad earlier this year. He also has a branch in the northern city of Arbil, which is controlled by the Kurds. Opened the Agricultural Bank branch in Baghdad in 2008, then a branch in Erbil, which mainly serves the Turkish construction companies and workers in Iraq. The volume of loans in the Agricultural Bank branch in Erbil alone of $ 215 million in February, according to a published report showed the bank.


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    Qassim Atta: the security situation in Baghdad is quite stableq

    Qassim Atta: the security situation in Baghdad is quite stable

    Saturday June 14, 2014 12:17

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad
    The spokesman for the Office of the General Commander of the Armed Forces, the first team Qassim Atta, Saturday, that the security situation in Baghdad is quite stable, indicating that the security forces are effectively targeted and quality processes and proactive in various areas.


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    Emirates seeking to develop economic exchanges with the center and the region

    Emirates seeking to develop economic exchanges with the center and the region

    Emirates confirmed that the prospects for economic cooperation between the State and the Republic of Iraq in general, and sister KRG especially wide, especially in the petrochemical sector and renewable energy, investment and trade, agriculture and education. He said each of Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for Foreign Trade and Industry Rashid Mohamed al-Mansoori, Consul General of the State to the Kurdistan region of Iraq in two interviews with the Emirates News Agency in the city of Arbil yesterday that the visit of the largest official delegation and commercial AED Kurdistan showed a strong desire among government officials and companies operating in the region to open channels of different economic allow the flow of more UAE investments in several vital areas, particularly in the sectors of industry, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure and real estate development, oil and gas. He said Al-Saleh, according to "the Gulf," the UAE that his meetings with a number of officials in the government of Kurdistan and meetings conducted by the UAE delegation with representatives from Iraqi companies special government showed clearly that the market for the region and very promising and able to accommodate more products and goods in the UAE and the provision of investment opportunities in front of many UAE companies to expand its business in Iraq and the region.
    He added that the Iraqi market is not new to the UAE investors and traders because of the depth of the historical and fraternal relations between the two brotherly countries of the UAE's entry into the market of Kurdistan aims to strengthen and support the Iraqi economy in the current ordeal.
    He called Al Saleh UAE companies to invest in Kurdistan, which is the gateway to the Iraqi market through networking with other Iraqi traders and open branches and representative offices can seize the opportunities of the largest investment in the future when the situation stabilizes and economic policy throughout the Republic of brotherly Iraq.
    He stressed that the industries Emirati manner characteristic of the quality of high global competitive in the Iraqi market and has acquired significant commercial where, noting that the Kurdistan Regional Government has confirmed its readiness to provide all possible facilities for UAE companies investing in the region and take advantage of the privileges granted by the Foreign Investment Law of exemptions tax for 10 years.
    He pointed out that he sensed during his meetings with a number of officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government welcomed over UAE's investments, especially in the sectors of industry, agriculture, health and education.
    He pointed out that these government officials have expressed the need for the establishment of training centers for technical and vocational education through cooperation with the UAE and benefit from its expertise in this area, which is lacking in the region.
    On his part, Mohammed Rashid Al Mansouri, Consul General of the State expressed his happiness for the success of the forum will contribute to the commercial and in the development of economic and trade relations and social relations between the UAE and the Kurdistan region in particular and the Republic of Iraq in general.
    He pointed out that changing trade patterns and style and change the geopolitical landscape in the region now since the events of the Syrian crisis led to economic forces went to the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, trade and investment gate which requires orientation to create a strategic investment partnerships.
    He cautioned Mansouri to Erbil safest city in the surrounding area have the potential to become one of the most important areas of economic and trade not only because of its mineral resources and oil, but also because of the economy free, which encourages the entry of foreign investments, pointing out that Iraq's Kurdistan region is located in the fulcrum markets between Iraq and Syria and the neighboring countries surrounding it.
    He stressed that the two sides are looking forward to strengthening relations and the exchange of attracting investment between them, which is compatible with the future outlook of the relationship distinguished Ristimha the wise leadership of the UAE, led by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, and Massoud Barzani, president of the region.
    The Mansouri said that the UAE has focused during the talks on a number of initiatives that will transfer its experience leading in the areas of strengthening the business climate, industrial and ease the burdens of bureaucracy and improve productivity and profitability in the long term for the region to serve the interests of both parties and encourage investment between them and achieving diversity of private sector companies and enhance the economic viability of small businesses and medium enterprises.
    He said that despite the limited cooperation in the areas of investment and trade between the UAE and the Kurdistan Region currently, but it is possible to change this situation fully in order to achieve mutual interests through a combination of industry representatives and businessmen on both sides to enable them to find common grounds for cooperation in the field of trade and investment future.
    Mansouri stressed that this kind of events and activities to help further convergence and communicate a better understanding of the commonalities and opportunities for cooperation in the fields of investment and economic cooperation between the two brotherly countries.
    The Forum was considered a good start to look towards Arbil in search of new opportunities from both sides can work together to find a suitable platform to continue to build their economic relations in the future.
    Mansouri pointed out that the private sector in the two countries, which is responsible for implementation of actions and projects desired and everyone must make utmost efforts to stimulate the businessmen from both sides to carry out their activities at the best image to promote development in their respective countries.
    The UAE has set up a consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan, a reception for the delegation of the UAE called for ministers and senior officials in the government of Kurdistan, as well as a gala dinner held in honor of the official delegation and the UAE Commercial visiting the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
    Consulate also provided all administrative and logistical facilities for members of the trade delegation from the moment of arrival until his departure to facilitate trade and the success of their mission in support of their goals and expand economic cooperation between the two brotherly countries.
    The Mohammed Ali Al Kamali, Director of the Department develop export markets in Dubai Export Development and coordinator of the forum in a press statement for (WAM) the success of the objectives for which organized the event trade and investment Emirates in Erbil where it is Iraq, one of the most important strategic markets of the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates .
    He stated that Iraq finished fourth strategic market for Dubai in the past year in the field of re-exports in won the Kurdistan region on the largest share of these operations in the areas of trade cars and electronics in addition to the construction and building materials, adding that the region is full of opportunities and promising in light of urbanization and the opportunities and hoped to become one of the UAE's largest investors in it.
    He said that the increase in the proportion of UAE companies participating in the delegation demonstrates the importance of the commercial market in general and the Iraqi Kurdistan, especially since confirmed that the event provided a realistic picture of trade and investment opportunities in the region.


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