Very Sobering Reminder of the Time We Live In...
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Thread: Very Sobering Reminder of the Time We Live In...

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    Very Sobering Reminder of the Time We Live In...

    While Jesus walked the earth in the flesh, there were countless times He cast out demonic entities, and unclean spirits within those who are in the region of Judea... It was a sign of the spiritual state of the world at that time... God's timing is always impeccable, and His presence in the flesh put a proverbial monkey wrench into Satan's plans of control... Demonic possession was commonplace at that point... Insomuch as possessed would even enter the synagogues..

    Fast forward 2,000 years, and once again we see the results of sin in our society... It is a sad state of affairs, and serves as a reminder that this is a spiritual battle in the overall scheme of things... And as our country continues to gravitate towards hedonism as a normal practice, we will only see this type of behavior escalate...

    Some of the comments were rather interesting... I like to read them to get an idea of how people view certain subjects.... Some thought that these individuals were on drugs... Which of course could very well be true... The problem is drug usage has been around for quite a while... This behavior is altogether different... The drugs only weaken them further, while allowing spiritual entities easier access to their bodies in order to influence them..
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