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    Benny boy

    I have been speaking an old contact I Iraq. This person lives there and has also worked as a trader on the stock market in Dubai. He is as ever a well connected person. He is now a currency trader and tells me that out there the talk is of an RV between November and March. The hold up is down to the CBI and the IMF and due to Laws and other legal issues.

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    Well this certainly contradicts whats been said but the way things go in this adventure.......if I was a betting man I would bet him right, hope not but if monies on it I would.

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    Re: Benny boy

    The above comments from "Keith" have no merit IMO. Please bring some facts into share with us so we can understand your position better. Just saying you have "contacts" in Iraq is dubious and typical of b.s. pushers. So please we need confirmation of the words you speak. NO disrespect intended sir. Just facts is all I want to see. Something written or published.

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    Sorry and no need for the BS comment. I certainly do not want to publish anything that is not the case as I too just cannot put up hype and as you say BS.the comments were from the dinar currency trader I use and usually I do my purchase and that is that, however this time we spoke for ages and that is where my info came from.

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