who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels
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Thread: who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

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    who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

    Intel Guru TD The CBI has been asked to let things form & stabilize before any major monetary policies are executed. While the CBI is autonomous in theory, there is inter dependance among the executive & legislative branches. Don't be surprised to see announcements regarding deletion of the zeros project, IMF & WTO compliance issues, international capital & investment banking reforms as targets of programs to roll out in 2015. This is Iraq and a snails pace of "things to do" hasn't changed one bit. June, which was stated previously as a month of goals & actions will come & go without enactment of anything major relative to the dinar, it's rate or status. [post 2 of 2]

    Intel Guru TD I'm told there's much to sort out & put in place with the new government. Key positions of political players being fought over. The Kurds are waiting to see if coalition power will be in their best interests. They have expressed to everyone that they are in a "wait & see" mode and only THEY will decide the best interests of their future. Coupled with this is Parliament who also has various laws still to enact to move the country into a market driven, international platform of investment & trade. [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

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    Re: who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

    Chattels is he just a bag of wind GuruTD

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    Re: who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

    So far TD has been right and he has been wrong. He's been correct every time to date, when he said it won't happen when others were saying "any minute now". He was also wrong the times he said it would happen. The last time being Oct of last year when our Congress voted to fund the Gov. preventing a shutdown. I can't remember the relevance between that and our investment but he sure seemed to think there was at the time. He also has claimed to have a contact in the CBI, I or anyone else could just as easily make the same claim (who could prove me to be wrong). Earlier this year he claimed to have sold all but a small amount of his dinar. In my opinion he has no more merit than the likes of Tony Okie etc. If a "guru" is listed as an ""Intel" guru I take them lightly, very lightly, I want to see "Newshound" before I give them much credibility.

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    Re: who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

    New day - new guru

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    Re: who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

    Guru TD, stated a while back, that he returned his Dinar because his contact that is high up in Iraq informed TD that the investment would not make him any money. Either Recaps or Dinar Guru ran TD's post when he stated that he was getting out of the investment. To me, if you publicly announce that you are getting out of the investment, get out! Do not keep showing up in the forums giving us your two cents!

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    Re: who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

    TD was the one who posted his "Interview with a PTB", a while back he interviewed a member of the GOI who asked at the end what rate of return we would be happy with.
    Make of that what you will, to me it read like a soap opera script.

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    Re: who is this Intel Guru TD??? chattels

    I know nothing about " TD ". I appreciate those who remember specifics about TD's prior posts having remarked hereinabove. I often think and wish that there was a clearing house or " record " of what everyone has said along the way in this investment. We have all suffered some from the lack of a corporate memory and accountability in this process. chattels

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