I will tithe to my church 10% before i spend a dime of the money from my cash out. then I will put the down payment on the kingdom kids camp which is 1800 acres and I will purchase that and start building the camp building and the constant income businesses on the property. This will be a self sustaining program to bring all kids in from all denomination and never have to charge a dime. Kids will be nominated for the visit to the camp by youth ministers plus we will just choose churches to send their groups their . We will also be building a church in the vicinity of the camp where as these kids mature and get married they can do so through the camp. They will be life member of the camp community. The program is unbelievable that god has laid out for me to complete. projected cost 18 million and HE is providing it to me. I THANK THE MANY OF YOU THAT HAVE PURCHASED SOME DINAR TO DONATE TO THE CAMP POST RV. I HAVE RECEIVED 2.4 MILLION DINAR ALREADY FROM PEOPLE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DONATING NOW TO GET THE GREAT TAX BREAK POST RV. MANY HAVE PLEDGED SUPPORT AND DONATING THEIR DINAR POST RV SO TANKS TO ALL poppy3